Dubai expo 2020: Unlimited Opportunities for Indian Entrepreneurs

Dubai expo 2020

Dubai expo 2020: Unlimited Opportunities for Indian Entrepreneurs

Dubai expo 2020 which was bound to happen in 2020 but was postponed because of COVID. Scheduled to start in October 2021, expo 2020 Dubai is a unique global platform that brings with it unlimited opportunities and huge investments. It is one of the largest business gatherings in the world. So millions of people look forward to attending and benefitting from this exhibition. 

Dubai offers unlimited opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs in expo 2020. Taking new strides, Indian entrepreneurs are all set to lookout for new opportunities in the UAE. The expo will benefit Indian and foreign entrepreneurs by offering international business ventures.

What is Dubai expo 2020?

Dubai expo 2020 is a universal business exhibition. It is being held in Dubai from 1st Oct 2021 to 31st March 2022 and the participants are from more than 190 nations. The theme “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” aims to collaborate ideas and perspectives of different nationalities. 

The exhibition seeks to increase awareness about the challenges faced by humanity. The 3 sub-themes – Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity address such economic challenges. 

The expo allows participating countries to showcase their ideas, projects, and innovative models. One of the largest Pavilion that spans across 4 floors is the India Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Housed at the Opportunity District, the facade of the India Pavilion represents the theme ‘India on the Move”. 

How to Register for Dubai Expo 2020?

If you’re planning to visit the Dubai expo 2020, all you need to do is buy your tickets directly through the official website or through authorized resellers. Here are the different types of tickets available for the expo:

  • Standard 1 day tickets for adults – AED 95
  • Multi entry pass for 30 days – AED 195
  • A season pass for 6 months – AED 495
  • Setup a UAE company & get a complimentary season pass

Visitors can also enjoy a premier experience and network with foreign business visitors by opting for the premium pass. This includes 5 entries to the premium lounge, dedicated tours, guided concierge, and huge discounts on food and beverages. The premium pass is priced at AED 1750.

Out of all the options, getting premium access is the best way to explore and gain from the Dubai expo.

10 Business Opportunities in Dubai During Expo 2020

While the Indian government is confident of generating big investment, budding entrepreneurs too can uncover the plethora of opportunities. From startups to multinationals, the expo 2020 Dubai offers an extraordinary platform for everyone.

If you are an Indian Entrepreneur looking forward to setting up a business in Dubai, consider the below top 10 domains to take a step forward:

1. Travel and tourism 

The strategic location and connectivity make Dubai the world’s leading tourism destination. Further, the expo 2020 is all set to take the tourism industry to the next level. With growing vaccinations and lifting of travel bans, the tourism industry in Dubai has bounced back to normal. In addition to this, the expo 2020 India pavilion is a great platform giving the tourism business a new boost.

2. Food 

Apart from tourism, food is also a big business sector in Dubai with the most impact. Dubai expo features more than 200 food and beverage outlets to suit every palate and budget. Reaching out to the global audience with your culinary idea is a golden opportunity for Indian investors who seek to start a food business in Dubai.

3. Hospitality 

Much like tourism, demand for hotel accommodation in Dubai is booming. The expo aims to make the country a pioneer in the hotel trade. The UAE is already world-famous for its finest hospitality services. Without a doubt, the Dubai expo will open up more opportunities in the hotel industry for Indian entrepreneurs.  

4. Real Estate

With world-class infrastructure, Dubai’s property market is growing at an extraordinary rate. Attracting millions of visitors, the Dubai expo is on its way to give a boost to the real-estate sector. Besides, the thriving real estate market in Dubai generates better returns as compared to other countries in the world.  

5. Entertainment

Indian business opportunities in expo 2020 Dubai have increased multifold in the entertainment sector. The growing demand for leisure and recreational activities has led to the opening up of various theme parks, museums, etc. Additionally, bringing together millions of visitors under one roof will give a massive boost to the entertainment industry.

6. Sustainable Engineering

Expo 2020 aims at achieving the goal of sustainable development at a global level. The lookout for creative sustainable engineering solutions is on the rise. There is no better time than now for Indian entrepreneurs to engineer solutions that make a difference to societies, the environment, or both.

7. Small and Medium Enterprises

The comprehensive scale of the Expo platform aims to accelerate the development of SMEs. Small and medium businesses are already key drivers of the UAE economy. Furthermore, the long-term investments in the expo will offer an intrinsic platform for budding innovators and startups.

8. Housekeeping

The cleaning standards in Dubai have risen exponentially during the post-pandemic era. Dubai expo is a catalyst for investors and entrepreneurs who seek to start businesses in Dubai’s hygiene industry. Investors can opt for a cleaning license through Shuraa India Branch and carry out their housekeeping business legally. 

9. Mindful construction

A rising number of foreign investors are seeking residency in Dubai. Besides, the demand for commercial and residential construction is also on the rise. Shuraa Business Setup India Branch can help you get a construction license from the DED to kickstart your business without any hassles.

10. Consulting 

A huge number of companies and individuals are making Dubai their home. Apart from this, opportunities in the Consulting business for Indian startups increase as more and more people invest in the country. Yet, investors must seek professional help to get a consulting license in Dubai. It enables them to start their consulting business without any complications.

What are the Benefits of Attending Dubai Expo 2020

Following are the major benefits of attending expo 2020 Dubai

  • Grow your business network
  • Collaborate with like-minded professionals
  • Opportunity to open a new business in Dubai with 100% ownership
  • Get to know about investment opportunities in emerging sectors across UAE


Dubai expo 2020 is not only a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs but also for successfully established companies. Shuraa Business Setup offers the best company formation packages for Dubai mainland and Dubai free zones.

Our custom corporate packages include a professional trade license, a season pass for the Dubai expo along with website domain and emails. Consult with our experienced professionals and get your premium access to the expo now!