How Can I Get a Free Zone License in UAE?

Free Zone License In UAE

How Can I Get a Free Zone License in UAE?

If you are looking to start a business, a free zone license in UAE can be an attractive option. Foreign companies can set up operations in designated free zones without needing a local sponsor or partner.

Throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are more than 50 free zones that are spread out across the country. These free zones have attracted around 200,000 businesses from outside the UAE, and they are playing a crucial role in boosting the country’s GDP. 

Applying for a license is the subsequent step after choosing a free zone. This entails providing the required paperwork, including a business plan, copies of passports, and other pertinent data.  

How Can I Start a Company in the Free Zones In UAE? 

Companies formed in free zones are exempt from commercial business laws. UAE law does not apply to free zones in the UAE, although relevant free zone authorities have established their own laws and regulations there.

By providing a welcoming workplace and simple company formation procedures, these free zones offer investors from all over the world a great business opportunity. The process is straightforward and easy. To set up a Free zone company in Dubai, one must follow these steps: 

  • Determine the Business Activity 
  • Choose a Trade Name 
  • Apply for a Business License 
  • Choose a Workplace 
  • Register Your Business 
  • Open a Bank Account 

Cost Of Free Zone License in UAE 

The primary objective of establishing these free zones is to attract foreign investment and promote economic growth in the region. The cost of obtaining a free zone license can vary depending on the country and the specific free zone. Some free zones may have lower fees and costs compared to others, while some may require a substantial investment to acquire a license. 

In general, the cost of a free zone license can include application fees, registration fees, and ongoing annual fees. Moreover, some free zones in UAE may have specific requirements, such as a minimum capital investment, which can increase the overall cost of obtaining a license. Businesses should carefully consider the costs and requirements of obtaining a free zone license before deciding to operate within a free zone. 

What Are the Types of Licenses Available in UAE Free Zones? 

There are various types of licenses available in the UAE free zones to accommodate different types of businesses and activities. It is important to note that the types of licenses available can vary from one free zone to another, and the requirements and fees for obtaining a license can also differ. It is better to consult with a business setup consultant or free zone authority to understand the specific requirements. Here are some of the common types of licenses available: 

  • Trading License: This type of free zone trade license in Dubai, is required for businesses that intend to import, export, distribute, or store goods in the free zone. 
  • Service License: This license is required for businesses that offer services such as consulting, IT services, marketing, and advertising. 
  • Industrial License: This license is required for businesses engaged in manufacturing or other industrial activities. 
  • E-commerce License: This license is required for businesses involved in online trading or e-commerce activities. 

Why Establish a Company in a Free Zone in UAE? 

A key factor that drives international investors towards UAE free zones for commercial investment. In addition, there are numerous benefits for startups setting up shop in free zones. Free zones in UAE are the most sought-after locations for business establishments due to their lucrative incentives and a broad range of options offered to investors.  

Top 5 reasons for establishing a Free zone business in the UAE

1. Business-Friendly Environment 

The UAE has earned a reputation for providing a business-friendly environment with minimal bureaucracy and red tape, thanks to the government’s implementation of several initiatives. Moreover, these initiatives include offering tax incentives and reducing the cost of setting up a business, making it easier for businesses to operate in the country. Furthermore, in comparison to other countries in the region, setting up a business in the UAE is inexpensive. 

2. Diversified Economy 

The UAE has a diversified economy, with a strong focus on tourism, real estate, finance, and energy. This diversification helps to mitigate risk and provides opportunities for businesses in various sectors. The UAE’s ambitious urban development plans, such as Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, are also creating significant opportunities for businesses. 

3. Infrastructure 

The UAE’s modern and sophisticated infrastructure, which includes world-class airports, ports, and roads, has made it easier for businesses to import and export goods and transport people and products throughout the country. This excellent transportation network has helped attract more businesses to the region. This has created an ideal environment for businesses to thrive and grow. 

4. Political Stability 

Moreover, the UAE’s diversified economy is a key factor in its attractiveness as a business destination. This stability provides businesses with a safe and secure environment in which to operate.

Moreover, the government has a strong commitment to economic development and has implemented policies and initiatives to attract foreign investment and support the growth of businesses in the country. The country’s stability has attracted a large number of businesses and investors due to the favorable environment it provides. 

5. Skilled Workforce 

The UAE has invested heavily in education and training, producing many skilled graduates annually. The country has also attracted a diverse group of expats with various skills and expertise. This diverse workforce promotes a dynamic and inclusive business environment. It allows for sharing and exchanging different perspectives and ideas.  

Get Your Free Zone Business License in Dubai with Shuraa 

In conclusion, obtaining a free zone license in UAE requires several steps and procedures. The first step towards setting up a Free zone company in Dubai is to choose the appropriate free zone based on your business needs. Then, you must submit the necessary documents and pay the required fees to the free zone authority.

After submitting the free zone license application, the process typically takes two to four weeks, during which the applicant may need to provide additional information. Once the free zone authority approves the application, they will issue the license. 

It’s also important to research and understand the regulations and restrictions of the chosen free zone, as they may vary depending on the type of business and industry. Additionally, there may be ongoing compliance requirements, such as submitting annual reports and renewing the license. Therefore, we advise you to get an expert consultation from Shuraa Business Setup to ensure that the process of obtaining a free zone license in Dubai goes smoothly and successfully.

Obtaining a free zone license in UAE can be a viable option for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish a presence in the region. However, it’s crucial to follow the necessary procedures and comply with the regulations to avoid any legal issues and ensure a successful business operation.