What is Mainland Business in Dubai?

Dubai mainland license

What is Mainland Business in Dubai?

Company incorporation on the mainland comes with a plethora of benefits. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer for the Indian investors and other expatriates to obtain the Dubai mainland license to launch their dream venture in this region.

You can expand your trade to international markets, explore government projects, and much more via a mainland formation. When you collaborate with the company incorporation experts at Shuraa India, you also save a handful of money on the mainland company setup Dubai cost.

Benefits of Dubai Mainland Company Registration

1. Diversified Business Opportunities

The best part about setting up a company in the mainland region is the opportunity to explore diverse business sectors. The DED maintains a comprehensive list of 2000+ permissible business activities.

Therefore, you can choose the business activities that match your requirements. In addition, the facility to acquire external approvals for exclusive business privileges is at your disposal.

2. Tax-Free Functioning

You aren’t liable to pay any corporate or personal tax for your mainland establishment. The Indian investors and other expatriates only need to pay 5% VAT. Furthermore, note that the VAT taxation policy regulated by the UAE’s government ranks among the lowest VAT rates globally.

Moreover, you can repatriate 100% of your capital gains and profits without worrying about any currency constraints. The legal advisors at Shuraa India help you understand everything related to taxation in the UAE.

3. Access to the Local Market

Another eye-catching benefit of securing a Dubai mainland license for your business is access to Dubai’s local marketplace. Furthermore, you also have the freedom to trade within Dubai and across the UAE without any restrictions.

All you need to ensure is to follow all the trading-related guidelines specific to the mainland and other concerned Emirates. Therefore, seeking help from expert business professionals is the right step forward.

How to Start a Mainland Company in Dubai?

Here are the steps that the Indian business aspirants and other expatriates need to follow for Dubai mainland company registration:

  1. Finalize the Legal Structure and Business Activities of your Company
  2. Reserve a Trading Name
  3. Secure Office Space
  4. Apply for a Mainland Company License
  5. Acquire Additional Approvals (if required)
  6. Manage Visas and Open an Account

All these steps are discussed in detail below:

1. Finalize the Legal Structure and Business Activities of your Company

You enjoy a lot of flexibility in terms of the legal structure you want to choose for your mainland business. Therefore, you can open an LLC (limited liability company), sole proprietorship, Civil company, etc., in Dubai.

Moreover, once you have finalized your legal structure, it’s time to shortlist the business activities. Note that these are business operations you’ll be carrying out in the UAE post successful company incorporation. All you need to do is approach the DED and choose the desired activities from their exhaustive list.

2. Reserve a Trading Name

The next step for Dubai mainland company registration is trade name reservation. Do you have a list of names you wish to book for your mainland venture? If not, shortlist a few names (at least 3-4) and send the list to the concerned department for their scrutiny. In addition, ensure that you adhere to all the naming convention guidelines maintained by the UAE’s government.

The name you choose shouldn’t have any reference to a God. Moreover, it shouldn’t contain any derogatory terms. Business aspirants should also note that an additional fee is charged for using a foreign trading name. Therefore, this adds to the overall mainland company setup cost.

3. Secure Office Space

It’s imperative for all mainland companies to have an official address to facilitate hassle-free legal communication. Remember, all the formal letters and business-related certificates are sent to this address only. Therefore, you need to secure cost-effective office space for your mainland company.

The best way of doing the same is by renting office property instead of investing in real estate. You can also apply for virtual office space by getting in touch with Shuraa India to form your company remotelỵ. Therefore, all you need to do is sign a sustainability agreement with our legal consultants.

4. Apply for a Mainland Company License

The next step for company incorporation is to apply for a Dubai mainland license. You can obtain a:

Your business activities and expansion aspirations decide the license type that you should obtain for your mainland company.

In addition, you should note that there’s no one-fits-all figure for the Dubai mainland license cost. However, you can consider AED 7,500 to AED 20,000 as a general range of the expected mainland license cost. It all depends on your business activities, external approvals, etc.

5. Acquire Additional Approvals

Many mainland companies don’t need to apply for additional approvals as they’re able to cover all the desired business activities by choosing them from the DED list. However, you don’t have to worry even if any of the required activities are absent from the DED’s list.

You can get in touch with the concerned governing body, submit the business requirement plan alongside documents supporting your identity verification, and that’s it. 

  1. Manage Visas and Open an Account

The next step for successful mainland company incorporation is visa management. You need to secure visas for yourself and your close ones (alongside domestic staff) to ensure everyone’s safe stay in the UAE. In addition, the lenient visa laws make it easy for the applicants to procedure the desired visas.

Lastly, you need to open a corporate bank account in any of your desired local or international banks in Dubai. However, don’t make a decision in haste as it can lead to monetary losses for your mainland company. Always consult with the banking experts at Shuraa India to understand the pros and cons of each bank.

What are the Requirements for Setting Up a Dubai Mainland Company?

You must submit the following documents to the concerned governing bodies to obtain the business license:

  • Trade name choices (at least 3)
  • List of business activities
  • Passport copies of all the business partners
  • UAE Entry stamp/ visa page
  • Passport size photograph as per the protocols (size, background color, etc.)

Launch your Mainland Company Today!

Your decision to apply for a UAE mainland license is the right one, thanks to the lucrative business opportunities presented by this business zone. Moreover, the process for a mainland company setup is straightforward and doesn’t consume much time.

Therefore, you should get in touch with Shuraa India’s business experts at the earliest to get started with the legal procedures for setting up your dream company in the Dubai mainland.