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Business License in Dubai UAE

Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) is the authority that provides licenses to businesses in Dubai. DED has categorized every business under various licenses, providing them prominence as per their business activity.

Having a business license in Dubai offers your business a structure to regulate as well as allows you to attain several benefits.

The following are the most common forms of business licenses available in Dubai – UAE.

  • Commercial License for General Trading Businesses.
  • Professional License for Service-Related Businesses.
  • Industrial License for Manufacturing Goods.
  • Tourism License for Travel and Tours Industry.

Types of Business Licenses in Dubai – UAE:

  • Commercial License: Commercial licenses cover all kinds of general trading as well as specialized trading activities.
  • Professional License: The professional licenses are provided to business enterprises engaged in some of the other profession or service-oriented activity – such as craftsmen, doctors, teachers, and artisans.
  • Industrial License: An industrial license is provided to establishments involved in an industrial or manufacturing activity.
  • Tourism License: A tourism trade license is a requirement for businesses and companies involved in the travel, tourism, or hospitality sector.


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How can I get a trading license?

Getting a trade license in Dubai is would usually depend on the type of business one wishes to set up in the mainland. If an individual setups company in Dubai for carrying out the activities like import-export, clothes, accessories, furniture, electronics, then a general trade license in Dubai would suffice, if an individual wish to carry out multiple trade activities that are in the same field then a general trade license in Dubai will cover it all.


But there are certain business activities in Dubai mainland that are not covered under the General license such as cars, guns, alcohol, and medical products. For an individual to carry out such a business in the mainland, approval from higher authorities or UAE municipalities is required. Once the approval is granted a commercial trade license is provide to an individual to carry out such a business in the mainland.


How much does a trade license cost in Dubai?

At the same time, there are certain advantages of getting a general trade license in Dubai as the approximate cost is very low up to AED 40K to 50K and at the same time such trade license will be used as a legal holding structure and for warehousing as well. The holder of the general trading license is exempted from the taxes on profits, income.


At the same time, the individual can trade in both mainland Dubai as well as internationally. The general trading license holder is also at the advantage that he can apply for multiple visas for their employees which will depend on the size of manpower that will be needed to set up a company in Dubai.

The trader is also exempted from the process of submitting audit reports to the Government of Dubai. Also, the holder is provided with the facilities of both personal as well as corporate banking.

Steps To Guide company renewal Trade License in UAE

A trade license is one of the most important requirements for doing business in Dubai. Getting a company renewal in Dubai.

Below are the steps to renew a trade license in Dubai:

  1. Have a valid tenancy contract
  2. Apply for license renewal
  3. Make the payment

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