Online Company Registration in Dubai

company registration in Dubai

Online Company Registration in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai – be it online or offline, is a smart decision nonetheless. The country is developing into a premier business hub, and everyone from multinational companies to budding startups finds a home for their venture in the heart of the Middle East. Dubai offers the perfect blend of an innovative business industry alongside healthy competition in the marketplace.

You can find multiple investment opportunities and grow alongside other businesses in a peaceful working ecosystem. The latest amendments in business laws have addressed the concerns of ex-pats, and now is the best time to form a company in the UAE. Moreover, you can consult with the local legal advisors who’ll help you with the entire process of business registration in Dubai.

Here are the key steps to Company Registration in Dubai

There’s a well-defined procedure for company incorporation in Dubai. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Decide your company’s legal structure

It’s imperative to finalize your company’s structure before getting started with company registration in the UAE. You can open a limited liability company (LLC) in the mainland region to reap the benefits of Dubai’s world-famous local marketplace. The best part is that you can now enjoy 100% foreign ownership of your business in the mainland region too. The UAE’s supportive government has made amendments to the Companies Law to accommodate 1000+ business activities for complete expatriate ownership.

Therefore, simply collaborate with a local service agent (LSA) who’ll help in getting the required licenses and approvals without having any shareholding in your venture. Moreover, you also have the option to go for a free zone establishment where an independent jurisdiction would govern your company. Free zones also offer 100% business ownership in the UAE for ex-pats too.

2. Trade name reservation

Registering a trading name for your company is the next step to register a company in Dubai. The business name must be unique and indicative of your business activities. There are specific keywords (like LLC or PLC) that must be used in your company’s name when you’re launching such a venture in the UAE.

Business names that include any Gods are also prohibited. Furthermore, never use any derogatory, insulting, or controversial terms in your company’s name. Ensure to use the full name of a person (and not nicknames) when using it as your enterprise’s legal name.

3. Finalize the business location

The decision regarding the business location is critical and can make or break your business in the UAE. Therefore, you should always connect with the business experts at Shuraa who’ll help you decide the best location for your business alongside end-to-end business assistance.

You can choose the Dubai mainland for business formation or any of the free zones (like DMC, DIFC, etc.) to register a company in Dubai. Moreover, you can also select an offshore business location to explore the trading market in Emirates.

4. Acquire an office space

Purchasing an office space for your venture is very costly, and SMBs can’t afford them during their initial business phase. Therefore, it’s better to rent an affordable office space for the company incorporation in Dubai.

The region is famous for its advanced infrastructural facilities and hassle-free resource availability. Moreover, you also get affordable labor and easy access to standard amenities like water and electricity.

5. Obtain the business license

Once you’re done with the steps mentioned above, you need to apply for a business license. It’s a legal document that allows you to carry out permissible activities in the UAE. You need to acquire additional approvals in case any of the business activities aren’t mentioned in your license. The business licenses in Dubai include:

  • Commercial License: enterprises engaged in some form of trading business require a commercial license.
  • Industrial License: companies engaged in production or other industrial operations need to acquire an industrial license.
  • Professional License: professionals who offer service, artisans, and technicians obtain a professional license.

6. Open a corporate bank account

You need a corporate bank account to manage all the monetary transactions of your company. Therefore, always prefer a bank that offers reliable services and long-term benefits. You also need to manage the visas, and investors have the liberty to apply for family visas in the UAE as well. That’s it! You’re done with your company registration in the UAE.

Benefits of company registration in Dubai

  1. Dubai has a growing economy, advanced infrastructure, business-friendly laws, and a strategic business location that makes it your go-to place to launch a company. The registration process is straightforward, and there are more than 2,000 permissible business activities in the UAE.
  2. Investors can set up their companies in specialized free trade zones with independent jurisdiction and tailor-made for specific business activities. The DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) is a prime example of a finance-specific free trade zone, and there are more than 45 such zones in the UAE.
  3. The taxation laws in Dubai save you from double taxation, customs duties, etc., and you get complete exemption from corporate and professional taxes. There aren’t any hidden charges, and all the legal procedures are completely transparent.
  4. Foreign investors can also enjoy 100% ownership of their business in the UAE. They have hassle-free access to all the free zones, and the latest ex-pat laws have made company incorporation in Dubai more lenient for foreigners.

Cost of company registration in Dubai

There’s no single-figure value to illustrate the Dubai company registration cost because there are several business structures and a wide variety of business activities that you can carry out in the UAE.

The cost for LLC company registration in Dubai is around AED 25,500 for normal business activities, while it’s a bit lower for the free zones. You also need to pay for maintenance, office space, visa, etc., so it’s better to connect with the local business consultants in Dubai.

The business registration process in Dubai involves a lot of paperwork for business security and compliance. You can get a fair idea of the Dubai company registration fees from the image below:

Professional Company
  • AED 18,500* ( First Year)
  • License-fee
  • Registration fee
  • Flexi desk-office
  • Immigration card
  • UAE local partner
  • Visa cost for owner/partner
  • Stamp of the company
  • Owner/partner medical & Emirates Id
Commercial LLC Company
  • AED 25,500* ( First Year)
  • License fee
  • Registration free
  • Flexi desk-office
  • Immigration card
  • UAE local partner
  • Visa cost for owner/partner
  • Stamp of the company
  • Owner/partner medical & Emirates Id

Required documents for New Company Registration in Dubai

It’s critical to submit all the required documents with your company registration application to ensure that the process is smooth and free of any blockers. Here’s a list of documents you’ll need during company registration in Dubai:

  • Trade Name ( At least 3 name choices)
  • Business Activity
  • Passport copy of the shareholders.
  • Entry stamp or Visa page.
  • Passport-size photograph.
Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to register a company in Dubai?

The Dubai company registration cost starts from as low as AED 10,000 and goes beyond AED 50,000 depending on your business’s type, structure, activities, and location. You might also need to acquire a few additional approvals alongside your license, which adds to the overall cost.

How long does it take to register a company in Dubai?

Business registration in Dubai can be done within seven working days when you have all the required documents and a reliable business partner who’ll assist you throughout the process. In case of any mistake, you might need to reapply for company registration, so it’s better to partner with the business consultants.

How can I check if a company is registered in Dubai?”

You can check if a company is registered in Dubai by visiting the government’s official portals. A company’s licensing can be verified at the National Economic Register portal. You can also visit the DED’s inquiry service website to know the registration status.

What are the benefits of Dubai company formation?

Forming a company in Dubai is beneficial because of the specialized free trading zones, business-friendly laws, and adequate support from the UAE’s government. You can enjoy 100% ownership of your business in the premier business hub of the Middle East region.