How to Get Investor Visa in Dubai?

investor visa in Dubai

How to Get Investor Visa in Dubai?

Indian business aspirants and entrepreneurs looking to set up their dream venture in the Emirates can streamline their path by obtaining an investor visa in Dubai. It’s a multi-benefit visa that provides hassle-free residence assurance, tax exemptions, and a lot more.

In addition, you can also apply for the investor visa of your preference depending on your business aspirations and model. Hence, you have the chance to apply for a 3-year, 5-year, and even a 10-year visa in the UAE. 

The business advisors at the Shuraa Business Setup are experts in the visa domain. Therefore, it’s better to connect with them before applying for a Dubai Investor Visa 2023.

What is the Dubai investor visa?

A Dubai Investors Visa, also known as a partner visa, is issued to foreign nationals who want to start a company in Dubai or invest in an existing one. This visa enables them to live and work in the Emirate and also bring in their family to live with them.

Who can apply for an investor visa in Dubai?

Any investor who invests AED 10 million in establishing a company in the UAE or becomes a partner in a new or existing UAE-based company with a minimum share value of AED 10 million can apply for an investor visa.

Dubai investor visa eligibility

In order to prove their eligibility for an investor visa in Dubai, the individual has to provide certain documents showing their qualifying investment in Dubai and financial support to sustain in the city. They may also be required to provide a medical test report and a police clearance certificate.

Dubai & UAE investor visa validity

The validity of an Investor visa in the UAE depends on the respective categories, which go by 3 to 5 years for investment in a property, 3 years for investment in a company, 5 to 10 years for a Gloden visa, and 5 years for the retirement visa.

What are the Steps to Register for a UAE Investor Visa?

Investor visa holders in the UAE are entitled to a number of exclusive advantages. Hence, if your business requirements satisfy the required essentials, you should not miss out on the chance to apply for an investor visa in the UAE. Here are the procedures to follow in order to achieve the same:

  1. Submit an Application for Your Visa
  2. Complete the Change Status Request
  3. Appear for the Required Medical Examination
  4. Emirates ID Typing
  5. Obtain a Stamp on Your Investor Visa

1. Submit an Application for Your Visa

You should take your visa application to the local typing center to get it typed without any mistakes or contradictions. Furthermore, you can apply for a partner visa if he or she owns a minimum of 25% of the venture.

In addition, make sure you have all of the mandatory documentation with you when you go to the verified typing facility for identity verification. If the immigration council approves your request, you’ll receive an email with the consent for your partner visa application.

2. Complete the Change Status Request

After you’ve completed your UAE investor visa 2023 application, you’ll need to complete the change status procedure. Wait for the consent from the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai), and then wind up the change status processing at a sanctioned typing center once you receive GDRFA’s approval (through email).

The best way to avoid this headache is by contacting the visa professionals at the Shuraa Business Setup, who’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

3. Appear for the Required Medical Examination

As part of the entire process of acquiring an investor visa in the UAE, you must undertake an obligatory medical examination. To be qualified for the medical examination, you must first complete the medical typing.

After that, you can travel to the authorized medical center on your planned date and do the medical test that the authority has organized. You won’t have to be concerned because your medical test will be confirmed quickly.

4. Emirates ID Typing

You must have an authentic Emirates ID to ensure your safe stay in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, once you’re done with the medical typing and health exam, you can shift your focus to the Emirates ID typing procedure.

All legitimate permits, including the Dubai investor visa for Indians, must be linked to a valid Emirates ID. Depending on the genre of application and industry standards, fingerprint authorization may be required.

5. Obtain a Stamp on Your Investor Visa

Once you’ve winded up all of the above requirements, you’ll need to have your UAE residency visa stamped by the appropriate official. Applicants can commence the visa stamping process by going to an authorized location.

After you’ve finished your application, the Immigration Department will share an approval or rejection message via SMS to your official mobile number. You’ll also need to provide the airway bill number to Zajel. This step is imperative to get your original passport.

What are the Types of Investor Visas in Dubai?

Each type of visa in Dubai comes with its set of benefits and limitations. You need to meet the eligibility criteria to acquire these visas. They are:

1. Investor Visa for a 10-Year Term

The investor needs to have an investment plan of a minimum of AED 10 million in the public sector if wish to obtain a golden visa in Dubai. Moreover, you can also be a partner in an existing firm in the UAE to apply for this visa, given that you still have a minimum of AED 10 million worth of shares in the company.

Note that this money shouldn’t be loaned, and you need to maintain this investment for at least 3 years to be considered eligible. The UAE’s government also offers an investor visa to people with specialized talent in the fields of science, healthcare, cutting-edge technology, etc.

2. Investor Visa for a 5-Year Term

You’re eligible to apply for this category of Dubai visa if you make hefty investments in real estate in the UAE. Note that this investment should amount to at least AED 5 million and the sum shouldn’t be loaned and the investor needs to maintain his/her investment for 3 years.

What is the Cost of Acquiring an Investor Visa in Dubai?

Each phase in the overall visa application procedure has its own set of payments that the seeker must settle. An entry permit costs something around AED 1,000 to AED 1,100. In addition, the fee for a change request is around AED 670. Furthermore, as highlighted before, you must wind up visa stamping as well, and the same would cost AED 900.

Moreover, the total Dubai investor visa cost includes expenditures for your medical assessment, Emirates ID, and other obligatory paperwork like an immigration card. The legal advisors at the Shuraa Business Setup ensure that you don’t pay anything extra to procure a 3-year investor visa in Dubai by supporting you throughout the procedure. Furthermore, we help you submit applications for 5-year and 10-year visas as well.

What are the Advantages of an Investor Visa in the UAE

Listed below are a few of the many advantages of having a business visa in Dubai:

  1. An investor visa in Dubai secures your stay in the Emirates. In addition, you can connect with the concerned governing council for your visa extension too.
  2. Another advantage of possessing an investor visa in the UAE is the permit to sponsor your immediate family members. Thus, you can safeguard the stay of your parents, wards, and spouse.
  3. This visa enables stress-free traveling within the various Emirates in the UAE. Moreover, it also streamlines the visa procedures in other GCC regions as well.
  4. The investor visa facilitates Indian entrepreneurs to apply for the golden visa. It’s a premier UAE residency visa with perennial benefits for both – your personal and corporate life.

Documents Required For Investor Visa In Dubai For foreign investors

Here’s a curated list of documents and relent paperwork that you must submit to the governing bodies for evaluation:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Personal photograph as per the photo standards established by the government (size, background color, etc.)
  • MoA (memorandum of association)
  • Your bank’s statement (for the past six months)
  • Proof of accreditation attested by the concerned governing body
  • Proof of patent
  • A valid trading license
  • Immigration establishment card and Emirates ID

Get Your Investor Visa in Dubai!

The steps for obtaining a Dubai Investor visa in 2023 are clearly defined, and the demands for all legal procedures in Dubai are vigilantly modulated by the UAE’s government. Therefore, if you’re positive that your venture model and investment strategy meet the investor visa UAE requirements, you should surely register for one.

We, at the Shuraa Business Setup, support you in registering for an investor visa by managing all the legal formalities to ensure stress-free visa procurement throughout your stay in the UAE. You can collaborate with our business professionals and allow us to assist you with a methodical business setup in Dubai along with getting an investor visa in Dubai!