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office spaces for rent in Dubai

Be it a mainland LLC or a Freezone company; a physical presence is a must in the UAE. Getting office spaces for rent in Dubai is compulsory for most of the trade licenses in the region. However, there are multiple options for renting an office space in Dubai with Shuraa. 

Shuraa India offers affordable office spaces for rent in Dubai. We specialize in providing you with the perfect commercial offices for rent in Dubai. At Shuraa, we also ensure that SMEs can set up their business on a budget by offering Flexi desks and smart desks for rent in Dubai. 

Flexi desk office space in Dubai provided by Shuraa offers inexpensive possibilities for business people. It also enables us to fulfill the requirements in accordance with UAE commercial law. 

Why choose Shuraa for Office Space in Dubai? 

Leasing or renting an office in Dubai requires entrepreneurs to go through a chaotic routine of certifications, approvals, and logistics. Acquiring office spaces for rent in Dubai is also a considerable expense at the initial stage. Hence, getting cheap offices for rent in Dubai with Shuraa makes life easy! 

Shuraa provides a lavish business center office space in Dubai at reasonable prices! Moreover, we provide fully furnished office space for rent at our business centers in Dubai. We also have sections within the business center wherein you can rent flexible office space in Dubai at a further reduced cost. 

Some of Our Services Related to The Business Center and Office Spaces for Rent 

Easier Contractual Terms 

In case you plan to rent office spaces in Dubai, there is a load of obligations, terms, and conditions involved. Even a Flexi desk office space in Dubai business centers offers complicated terms. However, with Shuraa, our contractual terms for office spaces for rent in Dubai are incredibly effortless and more comprehensive. 

Lesser Documentation

When the contract is compact, the necessary documents required are also the least. With Shuraa, you can rent a workspace or get a smart desk or a small office space for rent in Dubai with minor documentation. Furthermore, our business center frees you from such hassles and only requires you to submit identification details concerning the partners and the business. 

Cheaper Security Deposit & Rent

Are you looking for a cheap office space for rent in Dubai? Shuraa’s business centers are the-way-to-go! Rather than renting an office space in Dubai all by yourself, you could go for a Shared Office Space for Rent or a coworking space in Dubai. This will provide you with the convenience of having a separate exorbitant office at a prime location at a cheaper rent and a lesser deposit! 

Completely Serviced

Shuraa offers ready-to-use, fully furnished office space for rent in the business bay. From dedicated telephone lines to free DEWA and free internet and free Wi-Fi, we offer it all. Moreover, we do not shy away from free usage of conferences and pantry services, administrational staff at hand, free IT support, and so much more! Also, you can start your work the same day you move in! 

Why Office Spaces for Rent in Dubai 

Dubai is an imminent Middle East financial and business destination. Several firms and entrepreneurs, therefore, choose to establish their offices here. And since owning a property isn’t always feasible, renting serviced offices in Dubai is a fairly common choice. 

The inherent benefit of this is that you are saved from the plight of owning and managing office space physically. As a matter of fact, leased offices and co-working spaces in Dubai are popular business centers in Dubai. Renting an office in Dubai is a more feasible option than owning one due to the following reasons: 

  1. Owning an office means purchasing space, furniture, tech equipment, phone lines, and internet, while offices for rent in Dubai are often plugged and play, having amenities inbuilt.
  1. You need more employees as you continue to grow your company. The rented office in Dubai gives you the flexibility to move into a better and bigger office space as and when needed.
  1. Office space is the company’s important asset which needs capital for maintenance. But if a company invests in renting an office in Dubai, it can maintain more money–because it requires less working capital.

Rent an Office Space Through Shuraa 

After reading this blog, we’re positive that you have all the information you need about office spaces for rent in Dubai. Now that you know how Shuraa can help you get a cheap office space for rent, fully furnished office space for rent, and even a virtual office in Dubai, wait no more.  

The expert business setup consultants at Shuraa Business Setup will help you get the best suitable office space for rent according to your business needs. Furthermore, our legal professionals will take care of all the paperwork and permissions for renting an office space in Dubai.  

All you need to do is call us and share your business plan, activities, and requirements. Our business setup consultants will advise and get you the best suitable office space in Dubai as per your business requirements.   

List of office space in Dubai

  • Prime Power
  • Aspin Commercial Tower
  • Empire Heights
  • Ansar Gallery

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