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Taxation & VAT Services

Taxation & VAT Services

While India imposes 18% on GST and several other commercial taxes, shifting your business to UAE can largely reduce the tax obligations on your business. So, save yourself from taxes and start a business in Dubai with Shuraa Business Setup. Compared to the huge taxes in India, companies are only liable to shed 5% on VAT in UAE, which is also refundable.

Businesses in the region have long enjoyed this tax haven. However, since 2023 taxation & VAT services UAE became obligatory after value-added tax (VAT) was introduced not just in the UAE but in most of the GCC countries.

Simple regimes that companies need to follow to be compliant with the UAE Federal Tax Authority were brought into place. Because of which taxation & VAT services UAE are a crucial requirement for businesses.

Speak to Shuraa’s Tax or VAT consultants in Dubai to understand how to implement your tax savings and channelize your funds through UAE. Our Dubai VAT Consultants can help you understand the tax advantages, the country has to offer! With our exclusive packages on Dubai tax & VAT services UAE, you can file returns and maintaining records easily.

We offer ultimate Dubai Tax and Vat Registration Services UAE: –

VAT Registration

VAT Consultants in Dubai offer VAT registration for your company and guide you through the voluntary or mandatory qualifying process of VAT registration.

VAT Consultants in Dubai

Shuraa’s VAT Consultants in Dubai are knowledgeable & experienced UAE tax expert that understands your business and provide applicable advisory services.

VAT Impact Analysis & Assessment

We assess the impact of VAT laws on business transactions to ascertain the financial risks and to execute effective Vat implementation.

In-house Tax Agents

Shuraa houses an FTA-certified tax agent that highly specializes in UAE taxation, financial laws, and legal structures denoted by the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

VAT Return Filing

Our VAT Consultants in Dubai help you through quarterly and monthly return computations and filing services of VAT returns.

VAT Compliance

Through our Taxation & VAT Services UAE, we ensure you adhere to the VAT obligations and timely compliance with the VAT law and regulations denoted by the FTA.

UAE Business Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Shuraa also offers bookkeeping services, Taxation & VAT Services UAE that help companies through the preparation of financial statements and other accounting services.

MIS Reporting and Budgeting Services

We provide MIS – Management Information Systems and budgeting services for smooth business planning.

UAE Tax Consultation Services

Through our years of experience and expertise, we also offer UAE tax consultation services for taxation impact on overall business in the UAE.

Tax Agent Services

Representation of company to Federal Tax Authorities – through return filing, Vat compliance, and advisory services.

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At Shuraa Business Setup we do not only help you with company registration in Dubai but also that you are compliant at all levels mainly with UAE Federal Tax Authority.

Would you like to know more about our Taxation & VAT Services UAE and how you can make use of this tax haven? Speak to our experts today to know the tax advantages for commercial entities, the refundable tax systems and so much more!

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