Cost of Company formation in Mainland Dubai

The geographical location of Dubai makes it one of the most sought-after business locations in the world. However, it can be a difficult task to migrate for business to Dubai. The reason? Dubai mainland company formation cost is one of the major obstacles for both established business owners and budding entrepreneurs.

It is important for the business investor to have a clear idea about the Dubai mainland license cost for establishing a business. This will make the entire process easier and smoother. If you are an Indian investor or an entrepreneur looking forward to starting a company in Mainland Dubai, continue reading. 

This blog will walk you through the benefits of starting a company in Mainland Dubai. It will also give you a general overview of the mainland license cost.

Why Should You Start a Company in Mainland Dubai?

When deciding to setup a business in Dubai, an investor has broadly two choices. They can either set up the business in Dubai Mainland or any one of the Free zones. The cost incurred depends on the choice made by the investor. Both Mainland and Free zones have their own pros and cons. Furthermore, you can obtain different kinds of licenses for your company depending on the trade activity you finalize.

Following are some of the many benefits of starting a company in Mainland Dubai: 

1. Unrestricted Access to Dubai and the UAE 

Setting up a company in Mainland Dubai gives you access to all of Dubai and the UAE. It allows you to trade with anyone without having to worry about stepping beyond the trade permission. You are not restricted to operating within a particular zone. This is one of the main issues with setting up a company in one of the free zones. 

Furthermore, a company set up in the Mainland allows you to trade not only in the local market, but also opens doors for setting up multiple branches. This strengthens your presence in the market. Also, it gives you more flexibility and freedom to manage your business.

2. Ability to Partner With UAE or GCC Government

As mentioned before, a company on the Mainland has more flexibility than a company in the free zone. Another advantage of registering your company on the Mainland in Dubai is that you will be able to compete for lucrative government contracts.

If your company’s services align with government projects, you may be in a good position to partner with them. Once your company earns the trust of the relevant authorities, you will be able to lay the basis for a long-term professional relationship. Additionally, working with the government will also attract attention to your company. It will enhance your company’s reputation and prestige within UAE and outside as well.

3. Ease in Diversifying Business Activities 

Dubai Mainland levies no restriction on the currency. Furthermore, the advanced infrastructure and cutting-edge technology are ideal for propelling your business. And the best part about the Mainland company setup process? It is faster, less restricting, and more flexible. 

What Is The Mainland Company Setup Cost in Dubai?

Following is an overview of the mainland company setup Dubai cost that the investor will have to incur while deciding to set up a business in mainland Dubai. 

The Dubai mainland business setup cost depends on the nature of the business, visa costs, and the rent or buying cost of office space. Starting a business in mainland Dubai comes with mandatory government fees for a notary, a license, and registration at the government department with legal translations.

Such fees can be one-time charges or annual charges. The second mandatory fee that has to be paid by the investor is the Investor Visa fee which is to be renewed every three years. Moreover, an investor will have to pay an annual sponsorship fee, one-time legal fees, and commercial property fees with the visa cost per person.

Furthermore, you also have to pay A one-time fee for getting initial approval from DED for getting a license that will allow you to start the business. Furthermore, when the investor chooses a name for his business setup, he pays a one-time fee. 

Dubai company formation with a bank account will come at different costs depending on the type of accounts one needs to open. It also depends on the range of accounts the bank has kept on offer for the investors. 

After considering all these aspects, you can expect to spend approximately AED 15,000 to AED 50,000 on a Dubai mainland company formation cost. When you form your business with Shuraa, the Dubai mainland company license cost starts from just AED 18,500*.

Dubai mainland company formation cost

  • Dubai Commercial License Cost: License Fee (yearly gov’t fees) – AED 10,000* (Approx.)
  • Dubai Professional License Cost: License Fee (yearly gov’t fees) – AED 5,600* (Approx.)

LLC Mainland Company Formation in UAE

An LLC is one of the most sought-after company structures in Mainland Dubai. As a legal entity with multiple shareholders, it is the best choice for entrepreneurs who are just starting because of its low-cost formation and access to the marketplace. 

LLC mainland company formation requires a trading license to start its operation in Dubai formally. However, the UAE mainland license cost may change depending on the type of trading license one wishes to obtain. This, in turn, will depend on the type of industry one wishes to operate in for company formation in UAE.

However, an LLC needs a memorandum. A memorandum has to be signed by the partners of the company that has been started on the Mainland. Once the memorandum has been signed, the next is to draft a contract and get an agreement duly signed by the legal authorities. You can draft the Memorandum in both English and Arabic languages. Besides this, opening a bank account and acquiring a tax identification number is crucial for an LLC company set up.

The Dubai mainland license cost in 2024 starts from approximately AED 15,000 to AED 28,500. It may increase depending on the extra permits, visas, government fees, and more. 

Set Up Your Company in Mainland Dubai With Shuraa 

Are you looking for the cheapest mainland license in Dubai? You are at the right place! 

Although the process of setting up a company in Mainland Dubai is straightforward and a larger part of the Dubai mainland company formation cost is a one-time investment, a mishap can turn into a huge disadvantage for you. 

Experts at the Shuraa Business Setup can help you set up your company effortlessly. They know the company formation process very well and will protect you from overpaying for your Dubai mainland company formation cost. 

Shuraa Business Setup experts will assist you in every step of company formation and ensure that all your documentation is in proper order. We will get you the best assistance and guide you to ensure you make an informed decision! All you have to do is give us a call. 


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