Dubai Mainland Business Activities

Dubai is emerging as a global business hub, attracting entrepreneurs of all sizes who recognize the UAE region’s vast business potential. Setting up a company in Mainland Dubai is more advantageous than in Freezone due to the broader range of business activities available. Unlike Freezone, Mainland offers countless business options listed by the Dubai Economic Department.

The government welcomes new businesses and investors, fostering a conducive environment for economic development. To know more about Dubai Mainland Business Activities continue reading this guide. At Shuraa Business Setup, our experts assist you in choosing the right legal form and trade license, ensuring a successful company setup in mainland Dubai. 

Dubai Mainland Business Activities Popular Activities 

Key Business Activities in Mainland Dubai:

  • Hospitality (Food and Catering): Includes restaurants, cafes, bars, and various food-related establishments. 
  • Retail: Encompasses the buying and selling of all physical products and commodities.
  • Healthcare: Involves clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies, contributing to the healthcare sector. 
  • Import-Export: Offers the freedom to trade goods without restrictions, facilitating international business. 
  • Event Management: Focuses on the organization and management of functions, exhibitions, and events for both public and private clients.  
  • Industry: Involves the manufacturing of products with raw materials, along with their sales and distribution. 

Advantages of Establishing a Mainland Business

  • Comprehensive infrastructure supporting all business facets. 
  • Unrestricted flexibility for seamless scaling. 
  • Stable business environment with a reliable regulatory framework. 
  • Ability to operate in both local and international markets concurrently. 
  • Business transactions facilitated by international conferences and trade expos. 
  • Access to major banks and audit services, fostering business growth. 
  • Liberty to select your office location. 
  • Tap into a global pool of skilled professionals. 

Why choose the mainland to start a business in Dubai? 

Choosing Mainland for Business Setup in Dubai: 

  1. Flexibility and Scalability: Mainland companies offer unrestricted flexibility, allowing businesses to scale up or down as needed without constraints. 
  2. Access to Local and International Markets: Mainland business setup allows companies to operate both locally and internationally simultaneously, providing a broader market reach. 
  3. Stable Business Climate: Dubai’s Mainland provides a stable business climate with a well-established regulatory framework, ensuring a secure environment for business operations. 
  4. Global Talent Pool: Access to a diverse and skilled global workforce enables businesses to benefit from a wide range of talents and expertise. 
  5. Strategic Location: Choosing the Mainland allows the freedom to select an optimal office location that strategically suits business needs and preferences. 
  6. International Business Opportunities: Mainland companies can easily engage in international conferences and trade expos, facilitating seamless business dealings and fostering global partnerships. 
  7. Financial Services and Growth Support: Mainland businesses have access to major banks and audit services, supporting financial transactions and fueling business growth. 
  8. Holistic Infrastructure: Dubai’s Mainland boasts world-class infrastructure, ensuring that every aspect of business operations is supported and facilitated effectively. 

Obtaining a Professional Trade License for Business 

Entrepreneurs aiming to establish a business aligned with their expertise must submit their professional degrees to secure a trade license. Approval for service provision involves verifying degrees, assessing work experience, and, in some instances, completing specific tests. The Dubai Mainland Business Activities process applies to consultancy firms in fields such as engineering, design, architecture, healthcare, and more. 

Specialized Business Activities: Licensing and Approvals 

Dubai Mainland Business Activities necessitate special licenses and approvals from ministries other than the Department of Economic Development (DED). These specialised activities, designed to ensure public financial or physical security, demand thorough due diligence from relevant government bodies.

For instance, healthcare ventures require approval from the Dubai Health Authority, while financial establishments like banks must obtain certification from the Central Bank. Other examples of businesses requiring extraneous approvals include tourism, car rental companies, cafes, and gymnasiums.

Steps to Start a Dubai Mainland Business Setup 

Key Requirements for Dubai Mainland Business : 

  • Application Submission: 

   – Complete the application form and provide one coloured passport-size photo. 

  • Identification Documents: 

   – Submit the passport copies of all partners/shareholders involved. 

  • Proposed Company Names: 

   – Provide a list of three potential names for the company. 

  • Entry Stamp or Visa Page: 

   – Need the stamp page of your last visit to UAE, if the applicant is taking Visa. 

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): 

   – Furnish an NOC from the current sponsor if the applicant is a UAE resident employed elsewhere. 

DED License Acquisition: 

Acquire Your DED License with Shuraa Business Setup in 3 Simple Steps: 

  • Choose Your License: 

   – Select a license that aligns with your business activity.

  • Company Registration: 

   – Allow us to register your Dubai mainland company efficiently. 

  • Receive and Commence: 

   – Receive your license promptly and kickstart your business journey.

Types of licenses in Dubai  

  1. Commercial  
  2. Industrial  
  3. Professional  

Commercial License:

 In the UAE, a Commercial Trade License is imperative for businesses engaged in the purchase and sale of goods. Whether conducting trade within the UAE or internationally, obtaining a commercial business trade license is a prerequisite. This license encompasses a variety of business activities, including imports and exports, product trading, rental services, brokerage firms, logistics firms, real estate, and more.  

Industrial License:

Issued in Dubai and throughout the UAE, an Industrial Trade License is reserved for businesses involved in industrial and manufacturing endeavors. An essential requirement for this license is the presence of a physical office within the country. Notable activities covered by an industrial license include the manufacturing of diverse products, casing, furnishing, and packaging. 

Professional License:

 For service-oriented companies in the UAE, a Professional Trade License is mandatory. While offering 100% ownership, this license necessitates the involvement of a local service agent in the process. Professional licenses cater to various business activities such as management consultancies, law firms, marketing and design firms, auditing, and accounting companies, among others. 

List of Mainland Business Ideas 

If you’re considering launching a business in the UAE, Dubai Mainland offers a diverse range of business activities to explore. As the country evolves into a global business hub, industries such as real estate, airlines, and financial services flourish. To navigate the varied business landscape, consider the following: 

1. Consultancy License: 

Specialized consultancy licenses cater to professionals offering services in events management, engineering, HR consultancy, legal advice, and investment consultancy. 

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2. Tourism Business License:

As tourism flourishes in UAE, a Tourism license is essential for businesses operating in attractions like Desert Safari, Burj Khalifa, and Warner Bros. 

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3. Retailer License:

Retail businesses need a professional license issued by the Department of Economic Development UAE (DED). 

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4. Medical License: 

Healthcare providers and institutions are drawn to the UAE. Licensing authorities include the Dubai Health Authority, the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, and the Ministry of Health (MOL). 

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5. Logistics, Cargo, or Transportation Business License: 

 With 30 international ports, the UAE is a logistics giant. Free Zones like Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) and Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF) offer opportunities for logistics businesses. 

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5. Private Educational Institutes License: 

 The UAE welcomes educational institutions, and an educational license is crucial for establishing schools, colleges, and universities. 

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6. Tech License: 

For technology and IT businesses, Free Zones like Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), Dubai Technology Entrepreneur (DTEC), and Dubai Internet City (DIC) offer a Tech license. 

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7. Media License: 

Media and marketing businesses thrive in Free Zones like TwoFour54, Dubai Media City (DMC), Dubai Studios City (DSC), and International Media Production Zone (IMPZ). A Media license is essential for starting a media business in the UAE. 

8. Freelancer License:

Ideal for self-made creative individuals, a Freelancer license supports skill enhancement and leveraging expertise.

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Let Shuraa Business Setup assist you in establishing your business in Dubai, UAE. For further information on Dubai Mainland Business Activities, contact t to Shuraa – we’re here to support you.