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Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

Ajman Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

Ajman’s free zone was established in 1988 and gained self-governing status in 1996. Evident from the growing number of companies and foreign investments in the free zone, Ajman offers adequate facilities and advantages for startup businesses to thrive.

The region’s authority invested in developing an area expected to host over 1500+ companies in Ajman. This coupled with the region’s strategic location and proximity to western and eastern markets is bound to attract a wide range of foreign investors from India and beyond. In addition, Ajman has two international airports and four ports that serve over 100 vessels annually.

Required information for Ajman company formation

  • Three proposed company names meet the UAE business name selection criteria.
  • A minimum share capital of about AED 10,000.
  • A clear definition of the type of business activities to be conducted by the company.
  • Name and personal details of company shareholders as well as the number of shares they hold in the company.
  • The professional background of company secretaries and directors.
  • In case shareholders are corporate bodies, the following documents must be presented; board resolution to award power of attorney, certificate of incorporation, letter of good standing, and memorandum of association.
  • Company shareholders must sign  company incorporation documents in the presence of an Ajman free zone representative.

Documents Required Ajman Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

  • Valid passport copies belonging to all  company shareholders.
  • Copy of UAE entry stamp page.
  • An original home bank reference letter provides by all listed shareholders.
  • Proof of shareholders address in the form of utility bills or bank statements.
  • Personal profiles or shareholders’ CV.
  • All required Ajman company formation documents must be attested and notarized by the ministry of foreign affairs and the UAE embassy.
  • Upon successful Ajman company formation, the following documents are issued; share certification, a register of company shareholders/secretary/directors, articles and memorandum of association, signed certificate of incorporation, and company stamp.

Activities permitted for Ajman companies

  • Advisory and consulting services.
  • General trading services.
  • Buying, holding, and selling of company stakes.
  • Property ownership as per UAE laws.
  • Provision of international services.
  • Commission agent services.

Ajman Free Zone continues to boost its business growth levels while upholding international trade values and meeting investor expectations. For instance, Ajman Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai enjoy privacy, asset protection, and 100% foreign ownership.

This makes it easy for Indian investors who are skeptical about working with local sponsors. Additionally, it is possible to own an Ajman  company while still in India without investing in physical business operations within the Ajman and wider UAE jurisdiction.