How to apply for an E-Trader License in Dubai?

The world is exploring social media as a marketing tool to meet the needs of businesses. Social media has allowed people to execute business ideas effortlessly. These business owners can operate from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, they do not necessarily have to spend enormous money establishing a business or selling their products or services.

They can also utilise social media channels to promote the word about the company. Social media serves as a marketing tool and a link between the seller and the buyer in this way.

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) created the provision of the E-trader license in Dubai. Their motive was to govern the sale of products and services through the internet. This made sure that the businesses are legitimate. 

You will be able to carry out the business activity of your choice as an e-trader only after getting an e-trader license in UAE. Those who engage in business activities without an e-trader license will eventually face confrontation with legal authorities. So, all businesses should have an appropriate and valid e-trader license.

You can offer your products or services through your e-trading business. You can operate an e-trading business if you have a DED trader license. This blog talks about how to get an e-trader license in UAE.

What Are the Benefits of E-trading in the UAE?

E-trading is popular method entrepreneurs use to sell and market their goods and services via the internet. They use a variety of social media platforms to carry out their business activities. Setting up an e-trading business in Dubai comes with a host of benefits.

  • 99% of the total population of the UAE uses social media. Your e-trading business can leverage this enormous target group.
  • Unlike traditional businesses, an e-trading business does not necessitate a huge initial investment. You can start with a small budget. After that, you can gradually increase your spending as your business grows.
  • When it comes to offering world-class internet services, UAE has taken many technological measures. It possesses a cutting-edge digital infrastructure and is on its way to a digitally propelled future. 
  • Dubai sits at the crossroads connecting East, West, North, and South. Both seaports and airports are located in areas with high connectivity, making logistics a breeze. You can leverage the ample availability of manufacturers, producers, and suppliers of key commodities from all over the world after getting a DED e-trader license in Dubai
  • When you set up an e-trading business, you don’t have to pay any taxes, either personal or corporate. The best thing is that you can repatriate your profits in their entirety.

How to apply for an E-Trader License in Dubai?

You will have to go through the process of obtaining the e-trader license in Dubai Mainland or any other city in UAE after arranging the documents. An e-trader Dubai license allows you to operate your e-trading business in Dubai. The steps below will help you understand how to apply for an e-trader license.

1. Decide the Business Activity

The procedure of obtaining an E-trade license begins with selecting your business activity. Your e-trading business idea is the foundation of every further business activity you carry out. The UAE allows carrying out a wide range of business activities. Building a business requires a significant amount of time and effort. So choose a business idea accordingly. 

2. Decide the Name 

The name of your e-trading business will reflect its identity. Your business name will be your first impression with your potential customers. That being the case, you must select an appropriate name for your e-trading business. 

3. Apply for the Licence 

Make sure you apply for the correct license according to the business activities your business will be carrying out. You can apply for the UAE e-trader license through Shuraa. 

But, there are a few crucial factors to take care of before applying for the license. Only UAE residence visa holders or GCC citizens can obtain an e-trader license. So being an ex-pat, you need to get your UAE residence visa

Shuraa experts can help you avoid any confusion over your eligibility to get an E-Trader license in Dubai or any other city in the UAE. They can also guide you with your e-trading license application and fees.

The company structure of an e-trading business in the UAE can be sole Establishment & LLC as well., an e-trading business usually does not need a physical office space. Nonetheless, experts from Shuraa can guide you better in this case.

4. Get E-Trading Licence

You can receive your e-trading license once you have concluded all the steps successfully.

Documents Required to Get an E-trade License in Dubai

You have to submit certain documents before you start the process of obtaining a license for your E-trading business in the UAE. The documents must be correct and valid. This would avoid any delays in the application process. 

The documents required for the e-trading license in Dubai are:

  • Copies of passports and visas of you and your partners
  • Two coloured passport-size photographs of you and your partners
  • Entry visa and stamp pages

The business owner should fulfil certain conditions before applying for an E-trade license. The experts at Shuraa India can assist you with the complete list of required documents. They can also help you with criteria like minimum age, residency, registration, and Emirates ID. 

What Is the Cost of Getting an E-trader License?

A variety of criteria determine the final cost of getting an e-trader license. These criteria include the city you operate in, the activities you want to engage in, and more. So providing a precise figure is impossible. But, a bank guarantee is no longer needed. This makes it easier to secure an e-trader license in Dubai or any other city.

Experts at the Shuraa India branch will assist you in understanding the license prices. They would also ensure that you do not spend more than required.

Start Your E-trading Company With Shuraa

The government has streamlined the e-trading licensing procedure. Nonetheless, making appropriate decisions requires some effort and an in-depth understanding of the region, its markets, customs, and regulations.

Shuraa’s expert consultants can guide and manage the procedure to get an e-trading license for you. They can help you through the most recent government rules to get you an e-trading license and meet your business demands. Just get in touch with us to get started!