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How to Start a Gaming Business in the UAE?

gaming business in UAE

How to Start a Gaming Business in the UAE?

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If you are a gamer and wish to own a gaming business, it's possible in Dubai! Dubai has introduced the Dubai gaming visa under the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033 or DPG 2033. This groundbreaking long-term residency initiative aims to attract talented gamers, content creators, and industry professionals worldwide. By starting a gaming business in the UAE, Dubai takes an important step towards establishing itself as a central hub for the gaming industry.  

Nowadays, the gaming business in Dubai is growing rapidly. DPC 2033 depicts Dubai as a gaming industry powerhouse by 2033. This program also aims to contribute an estimated $1 billion to Dubai’s GDP by creating 30,000+ jobs in the gaming sector by 2033.  

Shuraa Business Setup can help you start your gaming business in Dubai. In this blog, we'll guide you on how to set up a gaming business in the UAE. With Shuraa's expertise, you can turn your gaming vision into a successful business in the UAE’s gaming market. 

What are the benefits of starting a gaming business in the UAE? 

Before you go on about how you start a gaming business in Dubai, You need to know a little more about the benefits. Below are the various benefits which will help you to start a gaming business in the UAE  

  • Dubai boasts advanced technological infrastructure, including high-speed internet and cutting-edge facilities. It is important for the gaming industry. 
  • Dubai offers different venues for hosting large-scale gaming events, conferences, and esports tournaments, attracting international audiences and participants. 
  • Dubai has several innovation hubs, accelerators, and incubators that support startups with resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. 
  • The government actively supports the gaming and tech industries through various initiatives and funding programs. 
  • Dubai attracts a highly skilled and diverse workforce worldwide. It provided access to top talent in game development, design, and marketing. 
  • Collaboration with local universities and specialised training centres helps develop a talent pipeline for the gaming industry. 
  • Dubai has a vibrant investment landscape with venture capital firms and angel investors. Government grants are available for tech and gaming startups. 

What is the Scope of Starting a Gaming Business in Dubai?

There are different ways to start your gaming business in Dubai city. You can do it all if you want to start an online video game store or have a physical gaming venue. You can start a subscription service for online players to interact and have a fun discussion. Live streaming of gaming can also be done in groups. Every business model comes with its set of strengths and weaknesses.  

Developing a business plan that clearly outlines your organisation's strategic focus is essential. Marketing research on the latest industry trends is important. It will help you understand what is trending in the gaming sector. Creating content that relates to local preferences is important. Collaborating with popular local game designers and organisations can greatly boost your gaming business. 

How do you start a gaming business in Dubai?

If you want a physical store or site where players can buy or play games, you must have a good location near a residential area. This will help your business get much attention, grow, and be easily accessible. Below are the steps to start a gaming business in Dubai.  

Step 1: Make a plan for your gaming business

A gaming business plan is important because it shows the costs, targeted markets, and other strategic goals. This step will help you prepare well for future business challenges.   

Step 2: Choosing a legal entity

Choosing a legal entity for your business is important. It helps provide your business with proper structure and liability protection. This step is important if you want to start your gaming business in Dubai.  

There are different legal forms and company structures available to register your business. They are mentioned below: 

Step 3: Getting a Gaming License

Once you have registered for Federal taxes, it is time to get your business's gaming license. If you want your business to be legal, you need different licenses. The license authorises and regulates your gaming activities by the appropriate authorities and with different rules and regulations.  

If you need help getting a gaming license in the UAE, you can contact Shuraa for further requirements.  

Step 4: Open a Financial account for your business 

Once you get the license for your gaming business in the UAE. Opening a bank account is the next step for your business. It helps to keep a record of the cash flow in the business. A separate financial account helps maintain better and clearer account records. Make sure your website is interesting and attractive, as it will attract other gamers.  

Step 5: Create an Online presence for your business

An online presence can boost your business growth in just a few months. Make a good website for your online gaming platform. With this you will get to know your target audience and it will help you to grow.  

Make sure your website should be interesting and attractive as it will attract other gamers. You can even give some offers, post on social media channels and even can start paid marketing online for your business.  

These six steps will help you to start your own gaming business in the UAE. If you fnd yourself stuck somewhere, you can contact at with our Shuraa experts.  

Eligibility Criteria for the Dubai Visa

  • The age of the applicant should be 21 years old. 
  • Should have good work experience in the gaming industry. It should include roles such as professional player, content creator, developer, or other relevant positions. 
  • A copy of their passport, and optionally, educational qualifications and evidence of community contributions. 

Documents for starting a Gaming business

The documents required for starting a gaming business in Dubai are as follows: 

  • Passport size photo 
  • Trade names of the company 
  • Passport size copy front and back 

Cost of license for starting a gaming business in the UAE

The cost of a license to start a gaming business in the UAE starts at AED 25000*. The cost of setting up a business depends totally on the nature of the business which you are choosing. To know the exact cost, you can contact Shuraa experts for the exact costing of setting up a gaming business in Dubai.  

Get you Gaming Business started with Shuraa

We hope this blog on how to start a gaming business in the UAE was a good read for you and it was informative too. We the experts at Shuraa are specialised in business setup since past two decades.  

We give solutions which are easy to understand and help make it easy for you to enter the gaming sector. We take care of all the paperwork and set up everything you need to start smoothly. Establishing a business in the UAE is straightforward, making it an exciting destination for entrepreneurs. Contact Shuraa Business Setup today!  

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