Freelance Visa in Dubai : Types, Cost, Eligibility

Freelance Visa in Dubai

Freelance Visa in Dubai : Types, Cost, Eligibility

What is a Freelance Visa? 

With the expansion of the internet, freelancing has gained a lot of popularity in modern times. The market for freelancers is huge, and due to this, the UAE government has introduced the free-lance visa. 

A freelance visa is a work permit issued to freelancers. It gives you the freedom to work and live in Dubai for 2 years (subject to renewal). To acquire a freelance license, one does not require a sponsor or a work contract from a company. 

Individuals of any nationality can apply for a freelance visa in Dubai to operate as full-time freelancers. To do so, you first must apply for a freelance permit. 

What makes becoming a freelancer in Dubai an innovative idea? 

The freedom that freelancing offers has garnered a lot of attention, especially from the younger generation. Working 9-5 is now considered outdated with more people preferring self-employment over a strict work schedule. To keep up with the world the UAE offers freelance permits at a much affordable rate making it the ideal place for freelancers. 

This sector is ideal if you dislike a fixed routine and would like to explore several possibilities for employment. 

What Is Permitted Under a Freelance Visa in Dubai? 

With a freelance visa, you can partake in several business fields provided you have a freelance permit for that field. A UAE freelance visa allows you to: 

  • Work in Dubai or the UAE. 
  • Offer specialized services to your clients.  
  • Control your work schedule. 
  • Work as a freelancer for government agencies. 
  • Perform multiple roles as a freelancer. 

The Free Zones: What Are They? 

A special economic zone known as a “free zone,” also known as a “free trade zone,” allows international companies and investors to operate while enjoying several exclusive tax-free advantages. 

These Free zones controlled by the appropriate authorities issue freelance permits in a range of sectors and occupations. 

What are the various kinds of freelance licenses in Dubai? 

There are multiple types of freelance licenses issued by the UAE authorities, they are as follows: 

  • Freelance visa for residents of Dubai: The perks of being a UAE citizen is that you can easily apply for a freelancer work permit. Even if you are working full-time, you can still apply for the permit provided that you submit an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your respective employer or sponsor. 
  • Freelance visa in Dubai for non-residents: To work as a freelancer in Dubai NON-UAE citizens must first apply for a freelance visa to obtain a residency permit. In addition to the permit, you will also have to apply for a residency visa. 

Eligibility for a Freelance Visa in Dubai. 

A freelance visa and permit can be obtained by any individual. The only pre-requisite is that the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or a specialized diploma.  

However, a person’s eligibility depends on whether they are employed in a qualifying profession. You might, for instance, operate in any of the following sectors or businesses to qualify for a Dubai freelance permit:   

  • Media Activities   
  • Educational Activities   
  • Tech Activities   
  • Design Activities   

(Please note that the list keeps getting updated, with more professions being added. Thus, it is advisable to visit the official UAE government website to stay updated.) 

What Are the Pre-Requisites for A Dubai Freelance Visa? 

Applying for a freelance visa is a relatively easy process. Below mentioned is the list of documents that you require to apply for a freelance visa. 

  • A current passport-size picture as per the Dubai visa photo requirements. 
  • A valid passport 
  • If applicable, No Objection Letter 

How to obtain a Freelance Visa in Dubai? 

Even though it is a straightforward procedure, obtaining a freelancing visa in Dubai can be difficult and time-consuming. Once you have gathered all the documentation required for a successful visa application contact our advisors at Shuraa Business Setup for assistance with the application process  

How much does a Dubai Freelance Visa cost? 

The cost of a Dubai freelance visa is variable and depends on several factors such as the duration of the permit, the free zone you register with, whether you require a residency visa, etc. 

The additional costs such as the establishment card, the freelancer visa, permit for independent work also add to the overall cost. The 2-year freelance visa in Dubai starts from AED 18,500* (Terms and conditions applied). 

If you plan to extend your stay in Dubai, you must renew your visa every 2 years. For more detailed information contact our consultants at Shuraa Business Setup. 

Benefits of obtaining a freelance visa in Dubai  

  1. Easy Process: Applying for a freelance visa in Dubai is a very straightforward process. You can directly apply to the Shuraa Business Setup for your freelance permit. 
  2. Employment opportunities: Dubai is known for the plethora of opportunities it offers to its inhabitants. By acquiring a freelance visa, you get the opportunity to work in various fields at your convenience.
  3. Low investment cost: As a freelancer, you do not require a designated office space, you can operate from any location. Working from home or renting a working space are low investment options.
  4. No sponsor required: For a residency visa in Dubai, you require a local sponsor as well as a no objection certificate from the sponsor. However, for a freelance visa, you do not require either of those. Most free zones issue a freelance license without an NOC.
  5. Sponsoring dependents: Once you have obtained the visa and met the salary requirement, you become qualified to sponsor your family.
  6. Minimum administrative work: In business, paperwork usually takes up time. It is not required of freelancers in Dubai to submit their official accounts for audits. Thus, freelancers in Dubai enjoy profitable employment prospects using just one license. 

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