How to Set Up a Cyber Security Company in Dubai?

One of the biggest issues faced by businesses in the United Arab Emirates is cyber security. As per a recent survey, a startling 82% of organizations experience at least one cyberattack annually. The government has declared plans to create a new cyber security standard for federal ministries in response to this problem, and this effort will be heavily funded. Therefore, starting a cyber security company in Dubai would provide you access to a market where your abilities are highly sought after provided you have experience in the field. 

Without a doubt, businesses in the United Arab Emirates place a significant value on cyber security. According to a recent poll, 69% of the companies said they will boost their cyber security expenditure by at least 11% over the next two years, and half of the companies are actively assessing their cyber security strategy. Professionals with the know-how to set up cyber security settings, provide training, and stop malevolent intruders from accessing enterprise networks will have little trouble finding clients. Thus, if wish to set up a cyber security company in Dubai, you are certainly in the right direction. 

What are the advantages of starting a cyber security business in Dubai?

If you have the necessary skills and experience, you can easily set up a cybersecurity company in Dubai. Some of the advantages of setting up your own cybersecurity business are as follows: 

  • Huge demand: As was previously indicated, it is anticipated that both public and private organizations would increase their investment in the cyber security sector in Dubai. This indicates that this business will surely see a surge in customers in the coming years. 
  • Minimal taxation: Dubai is known for its business-friendly policies. By setting up your cyber security business in a free zone you can enjoy a 0% corporate tax rate. 
  • Plethora of opportunities: Many MNCs are attracted to Dubai’s business landscape because of its various benefits. By setting up your cyber security company in Dubai, you get the opportunity to work with clients across the globe. This will provide you with the required exposure essential for your company’s growth.  
  • Assistance from the UAE government: The UAE government is in the process of introducing a cyber security standard within the public sector. This will ensure the maintenance and encouragement of cyber security integrity within the nation. 
  • Technological hub: Over the years, Dubai has seen a lot of growth within the technological sector. This will enable you to hire individuals who are knowledgeable about the operations of a cybersecurity company and collaborate closely with other innovative companies. 

How can you set up a cyber security company in Dubai?

The First step of setting up a cyber security company in Dubai is the acquisition of a cyber security license. Below mention is a guide to getting your cyber security license in Dubai. 

1. Choose your business activity:

To acquire a cyber security license in Dubai you must first determine the nature of your business activities. This is an essential step as each activity has its own set of requirements and approvals that you must acquire from the relevant authorities The following licenses have been developed by the government for cyber security companies: 

  • Cybersecurity Consulting 
  • Trading of Encryption Software 
  • Services for Cyber Risk Management 
  • Cyber Risk Assessment, Review, and Testing, Among Many Other Things. 
  • Our experts at Shuraa Business Setup will help you identify the most appropriate license for your business activity.  

2. Selecting a distinctive trade name:

 The trade name of your business should be reflective of your business activities. You must also ensure that your chosen trade name falls in line with the UAE naming conventions. The trade name should not be in use by any other incorporation, nor should it contain any offensive term. To check the availability of your chosen trade name, you can go to the DED Website for verification. 

3. Identifying the ideal location for your cyber security company

Determining the perfect location for your cyber security company is very important. The location of your company determines the number of customers you attract. It also plays a very important role in maintaining and boosting your company’s long-term performance. It is often seen that a lot of cyber security companies choose to establish themselves in the Dubai Free Zone because of its minimum taxation policy. 

The consultants at Shuraa Business Setup will help you acquire a business location that is best suited for your business needs. 

 4. Submission of application  

After you submit the necessary documents along with your application form, you will receive your Cyber security license. You must also pay the associated fee while submitting your application form. 

5. Get your license and open a bank account for your business.

You will receive your cyber security license within just a few days after the submission of your application form and fees. To avoid any unnecessary error, contact our seasoned professionals at Shuraa Business Setup who will assist you to ensure that your paperwork and license. 

Once your license has been granted, you can open a bank account for your company. 

How much does it cost to set up a cyber security company in Dubai?

The cost of setting up a cyber security company is not fixed and depends on several factors such as the number of visas you are applying for, the location of your company, your business requirements, etc. The starting price of a cyber security license in Dubai is AED 18,500*. 

Get in touch with our specialists at Shuraa Business Setup to find out the exact cost of a cyber security license in Dubai. 

Documents needed to Establish a Cybersecurity Firm in Dubai, UAE

The following documents are required as part of the application procedure if you want to open a cyber security consultancy in Dubai.  

  • A filled-out application outlining the services you will provide for cyber security. 
  • Copies of your passport  
  • A duplicate of your visa for residency (if applicable) 
  • Copy of your Emirates ID, (if applicable) 

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