Technical services license cost in Dubai

Selecting the appropriate business license is essential to the efficient running of your organization. You may choose between an industrial, commercial, or professional license based on the nature of your business. Specialized licenses fall under these categories; one such license in Dubai is the technical services license. 

The technical services license is very valuable since it covers a wide variety of unique business operations and gives entrepreneurs the freedom to work on specialized technical services. Having a technical services license makes it simple to offer services to the appropriate client and expand the company. 

We frequently get a lot of inquiries, such as how much does a technical services license costs in Dubai and how to apply for one. This blog will answer all your questions and is the ideal resource for beginners. 

What do you mean by a technical service license in Dubai?

A particular type of professional license called a technical services license is intended for companies that perform tasks like painting, plumbing, flooring, tiling, house maintenance, and more. Dubai offers the perfect environment for establishing and growing a business in the technical services sector owing to its strategic location connecting Asian and European markets. 

What are the different types of licenses available in Dubai?

Broadly speaking there are three types of licenses issued by the Department of Economic Development. They are as follows: 

  • Commercial license: In Dubai, you require a commercial license if you wish to engage in trading or the purchasing and selling of items.  
  • Industrial license: A license of this kind is necessary for companies looking to establish a manufacturing sector. 
  • Professional license: In Dubai, a professional license allows a person or organization to engage in any profession where ability and intelligence are key components, mostly in the services industry. One example of this is a technical service license. 

What are the activities that are permitted in the technical services?

A technical services license gives business owners the freedom to select the activities that best suit their requirements because it covers a broad variety of business operations. The following are a few of the activities covered by the technical services license: 

  • Services for electrical installation and maintenance. 
  • Services for Wall and Floor Tiling. 
  • Sanitary and plumbing repairs. 
  • Installation of solar energy systems. 
  • Ventilation, air conditioning, and air filtering services and maintenance. 
  • Ornamental and engraving works. 

What is the work of a technical service company in Dubai?

A technical service company focuses on a range of responsibilities associated with equipment and installations used in production, including optimization, maintenance, and repair. Their main goals consist of: 

  1. Maintenance: Performing planned maintenance and inspections to proactively detect and resolve possible problems and guarantee that equipment is kept in top operating shape. If there are any damages, a technical service provider guarantees prompt repair. 
  2. Repair: Promptly resolving problems and malfunctions as they occur and carrying out the required maintenance to save downtime and preserve operating effectiveness. 
  3.  Improvements: carrying out routine maintenance and making necessary adjustments to installations and equipment to improve effectiveness and performance. 

Benefits of a Technical Services License in Dubai

  • There are no personal or business taxes associated with the technical services license. 
  • This license enables you to provide your services to any company operating in the United Arab Emirates.  
  • The minimum capital required for a mainland license is non-existent.  
  • You are eligible to apply for government projects with a technical license in Dubai. 
  • In Dubai, there are no currency limitations on the use of technical services licenses.  
  • A technical service license allows you to lease office space in Dubai. 
  • Complete repatriation of earnings and revenues. 
  • Setting up a technical service business in Dubai is very easy.  
  • An audit report is not necessary for a technical service license. 

How to acquire a technical license in Dubai

With the assistance of knowledgeable company formation consultants like Shuraa Business Setup, obtaining a technical services license in Dubai is straightforward. To obtain your business license hassle-free, just follow the below-mentioned steps: 

1. Choose the ideal business model:

Before you apply for a technical service license in Dubai, you must choose whether you wish to apply for a mainland or a free zone license. This is a very crucial step as each of these locations has its benefits. The nature of your business activity will help you determine the jurisdiction. 

2. Acquiring a Tradename for your company:

Selecting a distinctive tradename that accurately represents your business operations is the next stage. To make sure that your selected name is not already in use or that it does not conflict with UAE naming requirements, you must get approval from the Department of Economic Development.  

3. License approval and documentation:

For a mainland license, the application for technical services must be submitted to the Department of Economic Development (DED); for a free zone license, it may be filed to the respective free zones.  We recommend double-checking that your application is error-free and in order. 

The following paperwork is required when requesting a technical service license in Dubai:  

  • Copy of the shareholder’s passport. 
  • Entry stamp or page of a visa. 
  • Passport-size pictures. 

How much does a technical services license cost in Dubai?

The UAE is made up of seven emirates. Thus, the price of a technical services license in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman would differ depending on several reasons such as the size of the organization, the type of business activity selected, and the location selected. 

A technical services license cost in Dubai starts from AED 18,500 to AED 28,000. DED approval, license registration, and municipal sponsor fees are extra costs. Following that, you can budget for more work permits, office space, and other overhead costs. 

It is advised that you get in touch with our professionals at Shuraa Business Setup for a detailed price estimate. 

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