Tourism Business License In Dubai | Tourism License UAE
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How To Start A Tourism Business In Dubai

Start A Tourism Business In Dubai

How To Start A Tourism Business In Dubai

Tourism Business In Dubai

The business industry in Dubai is rarely affected taking into consideration various factors that arise from time to time. This form of advantage in business in Dubai gives investors one of the best opportunities when it comes to finding new investment areas.

It has long been an attraction for investors from all over the world seeing its worth and the opportunity that it presents to the new investors. The city of Dubai is one of the most visited cities among the most famous world cities.

Various reasons make Dubai a perfect destination for investors to set up a tourism business. As it is known that Dubai has undergone massive changes in various areas it has become one of the globally recognized hotspots all over the globe for its modern architecture, warm beaches, good climate, and a continuously evolving vacationing culture.

Such factors become an important part of the decision-making for an investor when thinking about opening up a tourism business in Dubai as it will usher in a huge amount of profits for the investors since the industry has become evergreen.

Start a tourism business in Dubai

In order to set up a tourism business in Dubai, one needs to get the business registered with the Department of Economic Development as well as with the Department of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing. The Dubai government has availed a number of tourism licenses and it is important that the investor makes the right decision when it comes to applying for a tourism business license.

In order to start a tourism business in Dubai, one needs to get to follow all the steps of the process.

  • Choosing the right business license: – An investor will require an appropriate tourism license in order to set up the tourism license in Dubai. This is to make sure that no illegal procedures are followed and everything is done in accordance with the procedure that has been made legally binding on the investor.
  • Consultancy: – The investor can decide to choose a consultancy that will help in the opening of tourism business in Dubai. If the investor is trying to open a business in the country for the first time then a good consultancy choice makes things easier as they will make him familiar with all the steps of the process and provide him with the knowledge regarding the various documents that will be required during the whole process.
  • Renting office space: – Once the investor has completed the formalities with various departments it is time to rent a space for the office. It would be a necessity as the staff can work from there only.
  • Website: – As space has been rented for official purposes the next step in the line is to start a modern and functioning website that will be used by the clients to view various offers, book tickets, confirm hotel reservations and also avail of all the other services.

Process of setting up a tourism business in Dubai

As the process of setting up a tourism business in Dubai is completed within a legal framework and the license has been issued for the same the owner can perform a number of tasks such as:

  • Travel insurance can be issued.
  • Tourism packages can be put on sale both via online and offline mediums.
  • Supporting services related to visa services can be started.
  • Accommodation and stay choices can be offered to clients from a wide range that is available.
  • The business can also be used to sell flight, railway, and bus tickets to tourists.
  • Tourists can also be provided with the facility of renting a car.
  • One can also put on sale various adventure packages.

In Dubai, while opening a tourism business investors can move an application for a number of licenses that are on offer in the city?

  • Inbound tour operator license: – This type of license will enable a company to manage travel within the city, help in attending the events, visa service and can also provide transport services to the tourists.
  • Outbound tourist license: – This license will enable the company to sell tourist packages outside of the country while employing the online medium or even can hire offline agent workers that can deal with such processes.
  • Travel agent license: – This type of license will enable the company to perform the functions of the vendor that can cater for the tickets and to book-related services on part of their clients. It encompasses the ticketing services for flight, railway, bus, hotel, car rental services, and many other services as well.

Once you secure a Tourism Business License in Dubai for establishing your business, you can;

  1. Sell tourism packages offline & online.
  2. Issue travel insurance.
  3. Provide accommodation and stay options.
  4. Provide supporting services related to visas.
  5. Sell flight, railway & bus tickets.
  6. Provide car rental services.
  7. Sell adventure tour packages.