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How to Start a Small Cafeteria in Dubai?

Start a Small Cafeteria in Dubai

How to Start a Small Cafeteria in Dubai?

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Being one of the fastest-growing economies in the middle east, investors from all around the world come looking for business opportunities in Dubai. One of the business sectors that are growing tremendously in Dubai is the cafeteria business. Dubai has seen a varied range of customers from around the world. Now you’re possibly wondering how to start a small cafeteria in Dubai?

In this blog, we will provide you with all the information to open a cafeteria in Dubai, what is the cost of opening a cafeteria in Dubai and how to obtain a cafeteria license in Dubai.

How to Open a Cafeteria in Dubai?

If you’re interested in starting a small cafeteria in Dubai, the formation process for the same can be a little tricky. It is advisable to take help from a business consultancy in Dubai. 

To start a cafeteria business in Dubai, you need to obtain two separate licenses. The first is a cafeteria license in Dubai. You can apply for your coffee shop license in Dubai through the Department of Economic Development (DED), or via a free zone. Next, you need to get your cafeteria plans approved by the food control department in Dubai.

Once your cafeteria plan is approved, you can then apply for a food license at the Dubai Municipality Food Safety Department. As part of your application, you must provide the department with a copy of your cafeteria license in UAE and a floor plan which must include all entrances and exits, food processing areas, storage areas, windows and ventilation, and all the other equipment.

For the constant validity of your cafeteria license in Dubai, you must adhere to the ‘Food Code’. This includes the food safety laws, like in many other major countries. They essentially involve meeting certain benchmarks in terms of food preparation, production, and hygiene. The food code covers everything from where and in what conditions the food can be prepared and stored, ventilation, cleaning facilities, and more.

How to Obtain a Cafeteria License in UAE?

Obtaining a cafeteria license in UAE has a critical process. You must follow the below-mentioned steps to obtain one for yourself:

  1. Acquire a Trade license from the DED 
  2. Get a food license from the Dubai Municipality Food and Safety Department. 
  3. Select a suitable location and place for your cafeteria. 
  4. Draft and sign the Memorandum of Association and lease agreement with your partners.
  5. Submit necessary documents to the DED( Department of Economic Development)
  6. Apply of No-Objection Certificate (NOC)
  7. Once your application and documents are approved, The Department of Economic Development will provide you with a payment voucher.
  8. When you pay the required fee, you will be issued your cafeteria license in Dubai.

What are the Required Documents to Open a Cafeteria in Dubai?

Following are the set of documents required to open a cafeteria in Dubai:

  1.  A. For the Construction Plan of the Cafeteria
  2. Space for food processing, cooking, and storage.
  3. Sanitary places.
  4. All the windows and the ventilation system.
  5. The equipment location where the food is processed
  6. Location of washing machines if any.
  7. All the entry and exit of the passages.

B. For the Approval of Food License

  1. The approval certificate from the DED (Department of Economic Development)
  2. The layout of the building/space/shop.
  3. Approval Certificate from the planning department.

C. For the Approval of Trade License

  1. License application duly signed by all the business partners and managers.
  2. Memorandum of Association (MOA) signed by all the shareholders.
  3. Company name registration and approval letter.
  4. Passport copies of the business managers and employees.

What are the Location Requirements to Start a Small Cafeteria in Dubai?

Following is a list of requirements for the location to start a small cafeteria in Dubai:

  1. The location you select to start a small cafeteria must be appropriate.
  2. It should provide the necessary space to keep the equipment and prepare the food.
  3. Necessary space for disposal of dirt and smoke emission.
  4. The toilet area must be separated, on the opposite corner from the kitchen.
  5. The walls, floors, and roofs must be washed regularly.
  6. The area must be fire-proof.
  7. You must keep a separate washbasin for cleaning utensils, for vegetables, and a separate one for the meat (in the case of a non-vegetarian cafeteria).

What is The Cost of Opening a Cafeteria in Dubai?

Now we finally come to the section where we get to know what is the cost of opening a cafeteria in Dubai. On average the approximate cost to start a small cafeteria in Dubai is between 125,000 AED to 1750,000 AED. This includes the major cost of the rent of the place, interior decor, and hiring staff. 

Let’s Start Your Small Cafeteria in Dubai

Given the blooming market and customer demand, starting a cafeteria business in Dubai is an amazing idea for you. We are sure that after consuming all the information about how to start a small cafeteria in Dubai, you will easily be able to establish your cafeteria in Dubai.

Though, the application process to get your cafeteria license in Dubai can get a little confusing for you. The business consultants and legal advisors at Shuraa Business Setup India Br can help get your license at a lower cost within a few days and offer you a dynamic and cost-effective business setup in Dubai. All you have to do is connect with us and we will take care of the rest.

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