Benefits of Opening a Business in Dubai for Indian

The UAE is a popular location for Indian business people and entrepreneurs. The UAE’s strategic location and rising financial prosperity make it a hub for limitless business opportunities for Indian start-ups. 

Recently Dubai hosted the first Indian Start-up Summit, offering countless opportunities for Indian start-ups and investments. This shows that the UAE offers diverse business and growth opportunities. Moreover, the internet penetration rate and captivating infrastructures are some of the many factors attracting Indian investors to open a business in Dubai. The UAE is ever-ready to mentor Indian entrepreneurs by providing them an international platform and financial support. 

Indian investors constitute a large population of Dubai’s pool of business people, thus it provides a bunch of benefits for Indians to open a business in UAE

What are the Benefits for Indians to Open Business in UAE

The UAE offers a good number of benefits for Indians to start a business. To support this statement, 7 major benefits for Indian investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to open a business in the UAE are given below. 

1. Choice of Locations for Your Business

UAE offers 45+ Freezone locations as well as several mainland locations for Indian business owners to start their business in the UAE. The free zones offer business owners 100% ownership of their company, 100% repatriation of profits, as well as zero-taxation services, but business has to be conducted outside the UAE only.

On the other hand, the mainland owners will have the same benefits of 100% ownership, and taxation as Freezone & will have the freedom to conduct trade in the UAE local market as well as outside the UAE. A business owner can freely choose any suitable location depending upon the type of business he/she is planning to set up in the UAE. Such flexibility allows Indians to open a business in the UAE with great ease.

2. Easy Business Setup Process

The UAE is ranked 11th on the World Bank’s global ease of doing business in UAE. The UAE has one of the most supportive legal structures in place for all entrepreneurs. The government of the UAE focuses on reinforcing and ensuring the overall sustainability of the business. Hence, it offers constant cooperation, easy paperwork, and advanced facilities to complete the whole process within a couple of days. Such a supportive system counters the challenge for Indians to establish their business in the UAE and improves the overall rate of success.

3. Ample Expansion Opportunities

The gates to local markets of the Middle East, Africa, and Europe are always open for trading because of UAE’s strategic location. UAE also offers various other business opportunities like B2B trading, B2C trading, and C2B trading to Indian business owners. The advanced tech-savvy population of the United Arab Emirates supports huge growth for eCommerce businesses and other online sales businesses. Moreover, a high internet penetration rate opens the gate for successful digital advertisements and other online promotion possibilities. 

4. Government Support

The government of the United Arab Emirates offers constant support and cooperation to investors from around the globe. It provides various prime facilities and other profitable business schemes throughout the year. The UAE government allows long-term residency to investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with outstanding talents. The Golden Visa system by the government offers a 10-year visa to Indians with exceptional talents and skills in various fields.

5. Taxation Benefits

The UAE government also offers several taxation benefits to Indian business owners as an attempt to promote investment from India. Several liberal policies, especially focusing on Indian investors, make it easier for Indians to establish their business in the UAE. You don’t have to pay any import-export duty, income, or corporate or personal tax. Though, you might have to pay a compulsory 5% VAT, depending on the business activities you choose. 

6. Quality of Life

Besides the professional benefits of business setup in UAE, Indian entrepreneurs also enjoy the personal and social implications of the same. 3rd in Asia, the UAE ranks 20th in the Global Quality of Life Index. The reason being, world-class infrastructure, top-notch health care services, diverse culture, best security and safety, full government support, and extraordinarily talented people. Most of the population being expatriates, you get to live among people from so many different cultures, communities, and religions. 

7. World-Class Digital Services

The UAE is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to digitalization. It is the only country from the Middle East and Africa region to secure a place in the list of top 20 global broadband index with the fastest average downloading speed in May 2021. The UAE is known for providing high speeds on the fixed broadband network delivering the most advanced services in the UAE. This opens the gates for digital business opportunities in the country, contributing as one of the major factors to the economic wealth and social prosperity of the country. 

Start Planning for Your Business Setup in UAE

It’s only natural if all these super benefits encouraged you to think of setting up a business in the UAE. With the country on its path to becoming one of the most technologically advanced places in the world, this is the right time to start planning for a business setup in the UAE. Though with constant governmental support and advanced facilities, registering your business is easier than ever.

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