How to Get Food Truck License in Dubai?

Food trucks line in many of the streets in Dubai. Themed food truck parks are springing up around some of Dubai’s popular sites. Thus, this indicates that the food truck business is becoming prominent in Dubai. Favourable conditions like low-barrier-to-entry and technological advancements make it an appealing prospect. 

The business of selling street cuisine to the diverse population of Dubai could be simple. But, obtaining a food truck license in Dubai is not always easy. A compelling business plan, a compliant central kitchen, and relevant approvals are all required to secure a food truck license. Find out more on how to start a food truck in Dubai

What Are the Benefits of a Food Truck Business in Dubai?

Your food truck will be a big truck prepared to cook, serve, and sell food, similar to a mobile restaurant. If a location doesn’t benefit your food truck, you can move it to new areas to serve the different clientele. Besides, the benefits of starting a food truck business in Dubai are many.

  • According to a survey by Oracle, 62% of consumers said they will eat out every day to several times a week. This shows an increasing commitment to their favourite food brands.
  • Your food truck will require far less capital than a conventional restaurant. Later, you can use that money you save on other aspects like marketing or menu engineering. Also, your food truck is more likely to function with only minor maintenance and repairs over time.
  • You may market your food truck business in several ways. For instance, you can park your food truck near offices in free zone areas or cater to major events. If you set up your food truck business in a free zone, you’ll have a better chance of drawing more customers.
  • Your food truck should have reliable point-of-sale software. It will keep your data safe and provide detailed information about your inventory and sales. Dubai is one of the most technologically advanced Emirates. Thus, the facilities in Dubai will enable you to access the required solid POS and other tech tools. 
  • You can have complete control over your food truck business in Dubai. Moreover, profits earned and capital invested will also be repatriated completely. Also, Dubai provides a tax-free environment. So, your food truck business will not be required to pay taxes. 

Documents Required for Food Truck Business in Dubai 

All food truck businesses that generate revenue through their products must obtain a food truck license in Dubai. It will make your business a law-abiding enterprise devoted to ethical business operations.

You will need to submit a few documents for the license. They must be accurate and valid. This is to ensure that the application process is as prompt as possible. Following are some required documents:

  • Copies of passports and visas 
  • Two passport-size photographs 
  • Entry visa and stamp pages

Shuraa Business Setup experts can help you with the complete list of required and supplemental documents that must be presented to the concerned authorities. In the case of a food truck, you may need additional approvals from the relevant government authorities.

5-step process to get a food truck license in Dubai

Applying for a Dubai food truck license involves a few steps. The steps given below will help you understand how to apply for a food truck license in Dubai.

1. Decide Your Food Truck’s Name

The name of your food truck will be the first impression you make on potential consumers. So, your food truck’s name should represent the personality of your business. As a result, come up with a catchy and appropriate name for your food truck. It will also help you market your business. Apart from this, an appropriate name also won’t get you in trouble with the law. 

Note.: The authorities have laid down specific rules for naming a business. Shuraa experts can help you with the rules, ensuring your name is relevant and compliant.

2. Submit A Detailed Business Plan

When launching a new food truck business, one of the initial steps is to plan. A comprehensive business plan will be useful for the concerned authorities who want to know if your business is on the correct track and worth approving. 

So, create a detailed business plan for your food truck. You’ll need to submit the detailed business plan to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) and Dubai Municipality.

3. Choose Your Food Truck’s Location

Choose a business location in Dubai depending on the benefits and opportunities you look forward to, along with your budget. You have options of setting up your food truck on the mainland or in a free zone. You can also relocate your food truck as it is a mobile business.

Choose a suitable food truck for your business. Every food truck has its own distinct characteristics and advantages for various mobile food businesses. Besides, you’ll also have to think about whether to buy or lease, what meals you’ll serve and how to store. 

4. Obtain Approval 

After you have decided on the food truck’s name, plan and location, you can start collecting the necessary approvals. Get approvals from the Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). You may also have to apply for additional permits for your central kitchen and the layout of your food truck.

Shuraa’s consultants can assist you in the best way possible to avoid any chaos and delay in seeking approval from these relevant authorities. 

5. Get Your Food Truck Licence

You can obtain your food truck license once you’ve successfully concluded all the steps.

What Is the Cost of Getting a Food Truck Licence in Dubai?

A range of criteria decides the food truck license cost in Dubai. The size of your food truck business, the activities you carry out inside and outside the food truck, and other factors are all considered. As a result, presenting an exact figure is impossible. These days, a bank guarantee is no longer required. This makes obtaining a food truck license in Dubai much easier.

The Shuraa Business Setup experts will help you comprehend the pricing of a food truck license in Dubai. They will also ensure you do not spend more than what is needed.

Ready to Start Your Food Truck Business in Dubai

The Shuraa will guide you through the full process of setting up a food truck business in Dubai. Furthermore, your food truck business might have specific needs, such as creativity, interior layout or additional seating space. We can build custom-made business setup packages for you. Get in touch with us to get your food truck business started.