How to Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai?

The UAE is well known for its healthcare facilities. The medical and healthcare technologies are so advanced that people from across the globe visit the country for various treatments. When it comes to investing in this industry, it is one of the most promising sectors in the country. The capital city Dubai boasts of offering prime medical services, be it private or public healthcare systems. This makes many foreign investors wonder how to start a healthcare business in Dubai

If you would also like to establish your healthcare business setup in Dubai or set up clinics or hospitals in Dubai, the Dubai Healthcare City can empower you to do so. But before starting to plan anything, let’s learn a little about the types of healthcare business setup in Dubai and how to get a private clinic license in Dubai.

Why Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai?

There are several benefits to setting up a clinic in Dubai. Not only does Dubai have a business-friendly environment but it also offers exemption from taxes, strategic location, and ease of business setup. Some of the major benefits to start a healthcare business in Dubai are:

  1. It allows 100% foreign ownership of your company.
  2. You do not have to pay any income or corporate taxes.
  3. There are no customs duties for goods or services.
  4. The city offers a wide range of tailored real estate solutions.
  5. The place also offers opportunities to collaborate with others working in the same field. 

What are the Types of Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai?

There are several types of healthcare and medical areas where people can invest in Dubai. If you are willing to start a healthcare business in Dubai, below mentioned is a list of such healthcare fields you can choose to invest in:

1. Ambulatory Centres

These are often referred to as outpatient clinics. This type of medical facility center provides services that do not require you to stay overnight at the clinic or hospital. For example, minor surgery, wound care, physical therapy, etc. 

2. Healthcare Investment Management

You can also think of starting a healthcare investment management firm in Dubai. You can manage the financial assets and investments of healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics. 

3. Professional Development Training

To ensure the quality of services provided by hospitals, clinics, or any medical facility, it is critical to have a professional and skilled staff. You can consider starting a company to provide short-term courses related to human resource training, social and behavioral training, professional development training, clinical skill development, etc. 

4. Higher Education Providers

The education sector today is booming across the globe and when it comes to education for medical or healthcare sectors the possibilities are endless. You can start a junior medical college, technical healthcare education firm, or medical university in Dubai.

5. Medical Publishing

This industry targets both healthcare professionals as well as students. The medical publishing market encompasses a huge variety of formats such as medical journals, clinical research papers, databases, online content, and medical books. 

6. Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

You can also plan to establish a non-profit organization in Dubai to help disadvantaged people or those in need across the country. 

7. Private Clinics and Hospitals

Private clinics and hospitals are usually a preferred choice because patients get quality services and individual care. Given that the population of Dubai is particular about the quality of everything, be it lifestyle, education, career, or medical facilities, this type of healthcare business setup in Dubai will be very profitable. Though, you will need the required approvals, permission, and a private clinic license in Dubai for the same. 

8. Healthcare Consultancy

The medical and healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and advancing with each passing day. The competition is high and that’s where healthcare consultancy comes in. The experienced consultants in your firm can help these medical facility providers to stay a step ahead and achieve their goals. 

The DHCC mainly invests in two categories:

  1. Wellness community that is spread over an area of nineteen million square feet.
  2. A medical community that is spread over an area of fourteen million square feet including outpatient clinics, commercial and retails offices as well as hospitals.

What is the Process to Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai?

If you wish to set up clinics or hospitals in Dubai, you must follow the given process:

  1. Decide the legal entity or business type. It can either be a branch or a Limited Liability Company
  2. Select a name for your medical facility and get it legally registered. 
  3. Submit a copy of your business plan along with required documents to the respective free zone authority. 
  4. Present the board resolution of shareholders.
  5. Submit Memorandum and Article of Association duly signed by all the shareholders. 
  6. Get a legal agreement signed at the HDCC office.
  7. Apply for a private clinic license in Dubai. 
  8. Once your application and business plan are approved, pay the required fee. 

What Documents are Required to Obtain a Private Clinic License in Dubai?

To start a healthcare business in Dubai, you will need a license and to get one for yourself, you must keep the following documents handy. Remember, the paperwork is different according to the type of business entity you choose.

  1. Trade name reservation proof.
  2. Certificate of initial approval for the activities.
  3. Passport copies of all the shareholders and the manager.
  4. Copy of the manager’s resume.
  5. Personal information documents of each shareholder and the manager.
  6. Lease agreement proof.
  7. Notarized Memorandum of Association
  8. Power of attorney for appointing the business advisor.
  9. Articles of Association from the UAE Embassy at the current location.
  10. The physical address of your medical facility.

What is The Cost of Opening a Healthcare Business in Dubai?

In this section, you will get an answer to the question ‘what is the cost of opening a healthcare business in Dubai’. On average the approximate cost to start a healthcare business in Dubai is between  45,000 AED to 50,000 AED for paperwork. 

Incorporation Services from Expert Consultants

Now that you are equipped with proper information about how to start a healthcare business in Dubai, you can start making a proper business plan. The process from planning to acquiring permissions and approvals, till obtaining your license can be overwhelming. You can take help from expert business setup consultants at Shuraa Business Setup. They will assist you throughout the process to obtain a private clinic license in Dubai at a low cost.


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