How to Set Up a Readymade Garments Business in Dubai?

The Indian investors are no strangers to the readymade clothing business, being the biggest suppliers of the same themselves. Therefore, your decision to set up a readymade garments business in Dubai is the right one.

The best part is that company formation in the UAE is easier than ever, thanks to the hassle-free establishment procedures. Moreover, the business consultants at Shuraa Business Setup help you with all the legalities related to the incorporation of your readymade garments business in Dubai.

What are the Steps to Set Up a Readymade Garments Business in Dubai?

Follow the steps mentioned to establish a readymade garments company in the UAE:

  1. Understand Dubai’s Garment Business Framework
  2. Define your Target Audience
  3. Determine Cloth Sourcing
  4. Apply for a Garments Trading License
  5. Have an Omnipresence
  6. Market your Products

Here, we discuss each step in detail:

1. Understand Dubai’s Garment Business Framework

What’s your knowledge of the local garment industry to set up a readymade garments business in Dubai? Furthermore, do you have any knowledge or familiarity with local trends? In addition, learning practical techniques to help your business flourish is one of the best ways to avoid becoming simply another struggling apparel business.

The garment market in the United Arab Emirates is worth $15 billion and expanding. Moreover, it accounts for the majority of the retail sector in the country.

2. Define your Target Audience

Establishing a fashion company without a target audience in mind is like taking a road trip without knowing where you’re going. Moreover, it’s critical to have a defined identity in mind when defining your target audience.

3. Determine Cloth Sourcing

One of the advantages of living in Dubai is the proximity to some of the world’s largest textile manufacturing centers. These include Bangladesh, India, and Ethiopia. In addition, it pays to educate oneself about the fabrics used in clothing while looking for a garment supplier. 

You can also buy materials in your neighborhood to launch your readymade garments business in Dubai. Many distributors in Dubai buy in bulk from Asia and sell to marketplaces all over the globe.

4. Apply for a Garments Trading License

Once you’re done with the above steps, you can now apply for a readymade garment license in Dubai. Furthermore, Indian investors and expatriates must renew this license annually to maintain its validity.

The company formation experts at Shuraa Business Setup help you obtain a readymade garment license in Dubai at affordable costs. Moreover, we provide end-to-end business assistance to ensure hassle-free company formation in the UAE.

5. Have an Omnipresence

One of the cost-effective aspects of running your business is to sell online. Furthermore, having an online presence empowers you to reach out to more individuals than you would if you simply had a physical business.

Moreover, why limit yourself to Dubai when you can sell throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and possibly the world? In addition, you don’t have to start from the beginning. Shopify, WooCommerce, and Squarespace are just a few of the well-known eCommerce systems available.

Understand each platform and choose the one that offers the best tools for growing and managing your internet business. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of shopping plazas, malls, kiosks, and stand-alone retail stores for your brick-and-mortar store.

6. Market your Products

Having a good social media presence for your company will help you market your items. Furthermore, it’ll also strengthen your relationship with your customers. Your customers can provide vital feedback about your offerings.

 Moreover, they’re the ones who spread the word about your new products to their friends and family. In the garment industry, service quality and word-of-mouth marketing are critical. Therefore, if you don’t deliver exceptional customer service, the news will get around quickly, and your business will suffer.

What is the Cost of Setting Up a Readymade Garments Company?

The readymade garments license cost in Dubai is around AED 15,000. In addition, the investors also need to reserve a trading name and settle the fee for company registration. Ensure that all the business activities are covered under your readymade garments license.

Moreover, you can get in touch with Shuraa business experts. We help you secure additional approvals at no extra cost and provide post-incorporation assistance too.

Benefits of Opening a Readymade Garments Business in the UAE

  1. You don’t need to pay any personal or corporate taxes in Dubai. Moreover, the readymade garment license cost in Dubai is affordable and the VAT rate is also a nominal 5%. In addition, you can repatriate 100% of your profits.
  2. The government continues to introduce business-friendly reforms, especially for Indian and foreign investors to develop Dubai as a premier business hub. Therefore, you can find safe investment opportunities with high return rates.
  3. You can enjoy complete business ownership in the Emirates – be it a mainland or a free zone establishment. Therefore, all you need is a reliable local service agent that’ll help you procure the readymade garment license in Dubai.

Documents Required to Launch a Readymade Garments Business in Dubai

  • Photographs (passport size) of the company registration applicant
  • Passport copies of all the legal participants for verification
  • Entry permit /visa page of the company registration applicant
  • External approvals (if applicable)

Launch your Readymade Garments Business Today!

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