How To Start Dry Fruit Business in Dubai?

Are you an Indian investor thinking to start a dry fruit business in Dubai? The expat and the local population of Dubai enjoy having dried fruits. As Dubai’s population is growing constantly with better business and living conditions, the demand for all kinds of foods is growing rapidly. 

Moreover, Dubai’s per capita income is also high due to which many people are spending on expensive imported dry fruits. The only hurdle in Dubai for the fruit sector is the warmer conditions here. 

To keep fruits fresh, people have to keep them in refrigerators. In this case, the best choice for Indian investors is to take Dry Fruit Registration In Dubai. Dry fruits easily survive for years in the Dubai climate. To get detailed information on how to start a dry fruit business in Dubai 2022, continue reading the article till the end. 

Benefits of Starting a Dry Fruit Business in Dubai

The profit margin of opening a dry fruit business in Dubai is 5 to 10%. However, apart from money-based earnings, there are many other special benefits you can enjoy on starting a dry fruit business in Dubai.

1. Major Population Prefer Dry-Fruits Over Fresh Fruits 

Since fresh fruits are hard to keep for a longer time, people of Dubai prefer having dry fruits. Among the common population, Sokari, Madjool, and Khidri are the most liked dry fruits in Dubai. So, if you are an Indian entrepreneur wishing to start a dry-fruit business in Dubai, you can consider selling these common & profitable dried fruits in your business. 

2. Vibrant & Fast-Growing Economy

Among all Emirates, Dubai is leading in terms of economic development, and a lot of people here are rich and support buying expensive food items such as dry fruits. Moreover, sectors such as logistics, tourism, transportation, and trade contribute approx 60% of Dubai’s GDP. 

3. Supportive Government

The DED (Dubai’s Department of Economic Development) is responsible for shaping the economic agenda of Dubai. It helps in supporting a favorable atmosphere for Indian entrepreneurs as well as local dry fruit business investors. 

4. Comfortable & Quality Lifestyle 

Dubai people get to live with people from different religions, cultures, and communities. Residing in such a diverse location allows you to learn about different rituals and cultures. Moreover, people here are always happy to shop for the best quality food and dry fruits. Therefore, if you start a dry fruit business in Dubai, you will ultimately enjoy a comfortable living & grow here.

5. Free Zones 

The free zone in Dubai is a unique economic area set up with the goal of offering custom and tax duty benefits to Indian investors and business owners. You can easily open a dry fruit business here and earn profits. 

What Are the Steps To Open a Dry Fruit Business in Dubai?

The process to start a dry fruit business in Dubai in 2024 involves registrations from multiple authorities. 

Step 1: Fulfill The Requirements 

To open a dry fruit business, you need to do successfully registration of the dry fruit business in the Dubai emirate. It includes: 

  • Offer adequate resources to ensure food is safe for consumers
  • A completely safe and clean packaging material that does not contaminate food

Step 2: Business Registration

To open a dry fruit business in Dubai, you need to get registrations from different authorities. During the process of dry Fruit Registration In Dubai, you need to clearly state the food product(s) that you wish to register

As per FIRS (Food Import and Export System) by Dubai Municipality, vendors are supposed to mention all his/her food products. The Indian traders are permitted to import, sell and re-export dry fruits in Dubai. 

Step 3: Take Help From Consultancy Firms 

In case you want to boost up the process of starting a dry fruit business in the UAE, you can easily consult a formidable consultancy company to help you with the registrations. Moreover, if you are an Indian business owner wanting to start up a dry fruits business in Dubai, get in touch with a consultant firm and they will ensure all the legal formalities and make your business running in a few days. 

What Are the Documents Required To Open a Dry Fruit Business in Dubai?

An Indian investor needs to get the business registered with the Dubai Municipality (DM) before importing/ re-exporting the dry fruits. The following documents will be needed to process the registration with Dubai Municipality: 

  • Passport copies of the shareholders.
  • Entry stamp or Visa page.
  • Passport-size photograph.

What Is the Cost of Opening a Dry Fruit Business in Dubai? 

The factors that determine the cost of starting a dry fruit business in Dubai are licenses, rent, staff training, permissions, opening stocks, collaterals, online portals, food safety testing, and a lot more.

After avoiding detailed costing for the individual components outlined as they change as per the lease value, licensing authority, and supplies used. However, the average pricing to start a dry fruit business varies as per the size of your business unit and rental costs. 


All around Dubai, there is a growing demand for dry fruits due to the high standard of living and health awareness. The dry fruit business is huge since it is becoming a must-have item in every house. The opportunities for Indian investors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen are vast in opening a new dry fruit business in the UAE. 

We at Shuraa are actively supporting Indian entrepreneurs with the registration and operational processes. Our consultants help you finalize the location, acquire a license, and do a lot more at cost-effective prices!