How To Get Import Export Business License in Dubai?

The strategic position and solid infrastructure of Dubai make it a perfect commercial hub, drawing businesses and investors from all over the world. In recent years, the import-export business license in Dubai has shown to be extremely profitable, offering extraordinary potential for development and profitability.

We specialise at Shuraa in supporting businesses in establishing and succeeding in Dubai’s import-export industry. We offer complete solutions suited to your unique needs based on our in-depth knowledge of the local business sector and considerable expertise in company formation. Our skilled staff walks you through the process, whether you need an import license in Dubai or an export license in Dubai, assuring compliance with all legal criteria and increasing your chances of success.

Import Export Business License in Dubai

Following are some key aspects of obtaining Import Export Business License in Dubai:

1. Obtaining the Import-Export License

Obtaining the requisite license from the relevant authorities is the first step in launching an import-export business in Dubai. The application process for this license is simple and you have the option to complete it online.

2. Special Licenses for Restricted/Unique Items

If your import or export comprises unique or prohibited commodities, you must get a special license from the customs office. This ensures that legislation governing the trading of specified products is followed.

3. Understanding Import and Export Licenses

Import and export enterprises both require licenses that detail the methods and operations. When acquiring commodities from outside the UAE, an import license is required, but an export license is required when dealing with locally produced items for delivery outside the UAE.

4. Registration with The Department of Customs

Registration with the UAE Customs Department is required in addition to getting the necessary license. This registration assures compliance with customs requirements and seamless operations for your Dubai import firm.

5. Import Code

An import code is required to transport products into the UAE by water or air. This code allows for the smooth importing of goods while also optimizing the logistics and customs clearance operations.

6. Custom Checks for Export Commodities

Exported products must go through customs checks to see if they are on the prohibited list. This phase assures regulatory compliance and supports the smooth flow of export activities.

You may start your import-export business in Dubai with confidence if you follow the steps indicated above and secure the relevant licenses. Simplify the procedure and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that Dubai’s global commercial centre has to offer.

Documents Required to Obtain Import Export Business License in Dubai

To start an import-export business in Dubai, you will need to obtain a trading license as well as register the import-export company in Dubai. Application has to be submitted to DED (department of economic development).

  • Trade name options.
  • Business activity.
  • Passport copies of all the shareholders.
  • Passport-size photograph of all the shareholders.

What are the Steps to Start an Import-Export Trading Business in Dubai?

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining an import-export business license in Dubai:

1. Select Your Business Activity

The first stage in obtaining an import-export license in Dubai is deciding on business activity. There are dozens of business activities available to Dubai firms; however, you must pick the import-export license category for an import-export business.

2. Choose A Trade Name For Your Business

To comply with Dubai’s business naming regulations, your company name must properly explain what your firm performs. At the same time, it must not contain any phrases that might be regarded as offensive or potentially blasphemous. Furthermore, your import-export business name must not include any acronyms.

3. Choose Your Business Location

Identify a suitable location for your business. Depending on the nature of your activities, you may opt for a free zone or mainland location. Each has its own advantages and requirements.

Setting up your import-export business in the mainland area of Dubai allows you to have the freedom to trade within the local UAE market. It enables you to do business with companies and individuals across Dubai and the wider UAE.

Dubai offers several free zones specifically designed to attract foreign investment and promote international trade. Free zones provide a host of benefits for import-export businesses, including 100% foreign ownership, exemption from corporate and personal income taxes, customs privileges, and repatriation of profits.

4. Complete Your Application And Pay the Fees

You must complete an application form to obtain a Dubai import-export business license. Various documents and other documentation must be provided throughout this procedure. You must pay the necessary costs and apply for a business license. We can help you quickly fill out all of this documentation at the Shuraa Business Setup.

5. Receive Your License And Open A Business Bank Account.

After the review and approval of your application, you will receive your import-export license from the DED or the free zone authority. With the license in hand, you can proceed to open a business bank account to facilitate your financial transactions. Shuraa Business Setup can assist you by ensuring that all of your documentation complies with regulations and avoids any extra paperwork blunders.

After your license has been approved, the next step is to register a business bank account so that you may make and receive payments from clients in the UAE and overseas.

All of the following operations may appear simple on paper, but they will require a significant amount of time and experience to complete without mistakes. Shuraa Business Setup can help you with all of the above processes and make your life easier so that you can focus on operating your main company rather than dealing with the government.

What is the cost of an import-export business license in Dubai?

The import-export license cost in Dubai is determined by the precise jurisdiction in which you intend to operate your company. Each authority has established its own pricing structure for obtaining a license. An Import license cost in Dubai is anticipated to be around AED 13,500 to AED 28,500.

  • Trade license costs approximately – AED  13,500/-*
  • Office rent is subject to availability, location, and area and a virtual office can be provided

If, on the other hand, you decide to create an import-export firm in RAK, you will encounter a unique cost structure. In RAK, the cost of an Import Export license is estimated to be roughly AED 16,500 to AED 28,500. It should be noted that these costs may change based on the specific rules and restrictions established by the relevant authorities.

Understanding the differences in import-export license costs between Dubai and RAK helps you to make an informed selection based on your company’s goals and budget. Whether you choose the growing business prospects in Sharjah or the busy commercial environment of Dubai, acquiring the relevant license is a critical step toward realizing your import-export dreams in the United Arab Emirates.

Why Choose Shuraa?

Shuraa Business Setup provides comprehensive guidance and support for entrepreneurs seeking to obtain an import-export license in Dubai. With our deep understanding of the local business landscape and extensive experience in company formation, we simplify the complex process, ensuring a smooth journey toward acquiring the necessary license.

Our team of experts navigates the intricacies of licensing requirements, assists with registration, and helps you comply with customs regulations. By partnering with Shuraa, you gain access to invaluable market insights, industry connections, and reliable trade resources.

Let us empower you to unlock the immense opportunities in Dubai’s import-export sector and embark on a successful business venture in this thriving global hub. Trust Shuraa to be your trusted companion on your path to import-export success in Dubai.