How To Get a Marketing Management License in Dubai?

Management consultancy has gradually established its dominance in the global marketplace. It’s no different for the UAE’s lucrative business ecosystem where investors can easily obtain a marketing management license in Dubai.

This license is a gateway to your success in the management sector. Furthermore, you won’t run out of clients because all the organizations are looking for an optimized marketing strategy to make a name for their brand.

You can simply get in touch with the business consultants at Shuraa Business Setup to obtain the marketing management license. We’ll help you secure the same at nominal prices while handling all the legalities for you.

What is a Marketing Management Company?

A marketing management agency takes care of all the marketing and advertising strategies of an organization. Be it related to the expansion of the targeted audience segment or modifications to existing plans – they manage it all.

What are the Steps to Obtaining a Marketing Management License in Dubai?

You can opt for hassle-free marketing management license registration online in the UAE to secure this license quickly. The various steps involved include:

  1. Choose your Business Activities
  2. Reserve a Legal Trading Name
  3. Finalize the Location
  4. Apply for a Marketing Management License
  5. Open a Corporate Bank Account

All these steps to obtain a management license in Dubai are discussed below:

1. Choose your Business Activities

Which activities do you wish to perform via your marketing management firm in the UAE? You need to list them down and send the same over to the concerned jurisdiction for approval. You can include various operations activities that focus on the maximization of sales.

2. Reserve a Trading Name

All marketing management agencies in Dubai must have a legal trading name to comply with the government’s protocols. Therefore, you can create a curated list of 3-4 preferred business names and share it with the concerned body.

It’s obligatory to avoid using derogatory terms or words that have a reference to a God or religion. Moreover, it’s beneficial for your marketing management firm if you choose a name that indicates the nature of your services.

3. Finalize the Location

Where do you want to set up your marketing management agency in the UAE? You have several lucrative choices, and only your business model and investment plan can help you with this decision.

The range of options includes 40+ free zones, the mainland region, and an offshore establishment. The business experts at Shuraa Business Setup assist you in making a smart choice regarding your company’s official business location.

4. Apply for a Marketing Management License

Are you looking to secure a new marketing management license, or do you want to renew the existing one? Indian business aspirants and expatriates willing to explore the management sector can get this license by obtaining the initial approval.

Once you have this approval, you need to submit the supporting documentation and wait for the department’s evaluation. You’ll get your marketing management license in a quick time if there are no discrepancies in your data and application.

5. Open a Corporate Bank Account

You can open a corporate bank account for your marketing management firm once you’re done with the steps discussed above. This bank account will help you manage all the monetary transactions in your company.

As an Indian investor, you might be worried about finding the best bank for your management agency. However, you don’t have to worry one bit because Shuraa Business Setup legal advisors make this convenient for you. In addition, we shortlist all the reliable banks in the UAE for you. This way, you can open a corporate account in the bank of your choice.

What is the Cost of Opening a Marketing Management Agency in the UAE?

Several factors determine the final cost of launching a marketing management firm in Dubai. You need to pay the trade name reservation fee (around AED 800).The marketing management license costs around AED 15,000. 

Therefore, you can expect the first-year cost of setting up a marketing management company to be around AED 20,000. The cost will go down from next year onwards since you won’t have to pay the one-time government fees.

Benefits of Launching a Marketing Management Company in Dubai

  1. Marketing management is a diversified business sector. Investors can offer a host of services, including administrative consultancy, performance enhancement, business streamlining services, etc.
  2. You can enjoy complete ownership of your marketing management company in Dubai. You need to obtain a professional license for the same from the concerned authority, depending on your business location.
  3. The management license in Dubai is affordable and doesn’t include any hidden charges. Furthermore, Dubai’s tax-friendly regime empowers you to make sizable profits right from the start.

Documents Required to Set Up a Marketing Management Firm in the UAE

Listed below are the mandatory documents you must submit to the government for obtaining the marketing management license:

  • Passport copies of all the shareholders
  • Emirati ID or UAE’s entry stamp
  • A list of your preferred trading names (4-5 names)
  • Approvals from external governing authorities (if needed)

Launch your Marketing Management Agency Today!

The marketing management sector is booming, thanks to the advancements in digital advertising and the influence of social media. All you need to do is apply for a marketing management license in Dubai to kickstart your dream venture.

The company formation experts at Shuraa are always available for your help. We offer end-to-end business assistance by taking care of banking, licensing, documentation, etc. Moreover, we also provide hassle-free translation and visa procurement services.