How to Setup a Yoga Center in Dubai?

Yoga has gained immense popularity over the years, and today, over 300 million people practice yoga worldwide. The capital city of the UAE is not behind in this trend, and given the health-oriented population of Dubai, there is a massive business opportunity for new yoga centers. With more and more people drawn toward yoga each passing day, setting up a yoga studio in Dubai seems like a good idea. 

There are numerous reasons and advantages to setting up a yoga studio in Dubai. This blog will walk you through the benefits, procedures, and costs of opening a yoga studio in Dubai. Let’s dive in. 

Benefits of Setting up a Yoga Studio in Dubai

If you are a well-trained yoga professional and wish to open a yoga studio in Dubai, you will enjoy various benefits. Here are a few prominent ones: 

  1. The population of Dubai tends to be aware of their looks, and yoga is one of the things that keeps them looking fit and healthy. Therefore, yoga centers are in high demand in Dubai.
  2. Approximately 27.5% of Dubai’s population in 2022 are Indians. You can leverage this as many Indians choose yoga as their mode of exercise because of its Indian roots, creating a vast market for yoga studios. 
  3. Yoga is not just an Indian thing. It has become a necessity and way of life in the western culture for people across the globe, including Dubai. Hence, you will easily find an extensive clientele if you set up a yoga center in Dubai
  4. After the covid-19 pandemic, yoga has drawn many followers as it includes breathing exercises to increase lung capacity. This is why many yoga instructors and centers expanded to an online presence that attracted even more customers. 
  5. Since yoga comes under health and wellness, yoga centers are considered health-related organizations. Thus, they get immense support from the Dubai government along with exciting incentives.
  6. Another perk of getting a yoga license in Dubai is that you can extend the branches of your center to other emirates of the UAE in the future with ease.

Now that you know the benefits, check out the yoga studio setup process. 

Process to Set Up a Yoga Center in Dubai, UAE

The process of setting up a yoga studio in Dubai is quite straightforward. Here is what you need to do: 

1. Decide the Legal Structure

The first step is to decide the legal structure of your yoga studio. Although you can choose to set up a yoga center in Dubai as a partnership or a proprietorship, an LLC is considered the best business unit in the UAE. This is because LLC gives you a broader scope to do business and further establish it in other cities.  

2. Choose Your Location

Next, you must choose an appropriate location for your yoga center. It is best to do some research and find out where yoga is high in demand among people. Residential areas with less competition are the best in this case. You can choose to open a yoga studio in the Dubai mainland region.  

3. Get Approval

Once you have selected the right location, you need to get the necessary approvals. To open a yoga studio in Dubai, you must get approvals from two different departments. The first department is the Yoga and Sports Welfare department since yoga is classified as a sport.  

Furthermore, you need a second approval from the Ministry of Public Health, considering the health and wellness advantages of yoga for the general public. Depending on the third-party operation approvals, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete the configuration process.  

4. Gather Necessary Documents

After getting the approvals, you must gather other necessary documents. The list of documents includes your professional experience certificate or any other recognition letter, passport, visa copies, and a couple of other documents.  

A business consultant can help you with all the required documents and also help you get them approved to get your yoga license in Dubai. 

5. Open A Bank Account

You must open a corporate bank account now that you have submitted the documents and got the necessary approvals. If your business is licensed, you’ll have to make sure your customers can easily make cash and online payments.  

Therefore, a corporate bank account can help with seamless transactions and help you keep a record of them all. Note that it can take up to 4 weeks to open a bank account in Dubai.  

What is The Cost of Opening a Yoga Studio in Dubai? 

If you plan to open a yoga studio in Dubai, luckily, there is no heavy cost involved. Many instructors or yoga professionals don’t even need to make any investment as they believe that yoga is best done in an open environment. However, many customers want AC rooms, and that is where a studio works best. Setting up a yoga studio can cost you anywhere around AED 25,000, including the yoga license cost in Dubai

Connect With Shuraa 

Given yoga’s positive growth and rising popularity, set up a yoga studio in Dubai will help you reap significant profits. And now that you are well aware of the process of setting up a yoga studio in Dubai, you can establish one of your own within a few weeks. You can reduce this time further by seeking help from a business setup consultant.  

The business setup professionals at Shuraa are highly experienced and can help you establish a yoga center in Dubai with ease. They will guide you at every step, help you prepare a proper business plan, and even clear all your doubts if you have any.  

Moreover, they will also help you gather all the essential documents and get the necessary approvals from the concerned departments. It usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks to set up a yoga center in Dubai.  

However, the business consultants at Shuraa can speed up the process, and you can set up your studio in comparatively lesser time. All you need to do is call us, tell us all your requirements, and we will take care of it.