How to Start a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai

Medical or Healthcare is one of the highly profitable business industries all over the world. The UAE is well known for providing excellent and advanced opportunities for people wanting to start a medical equipment trading company in Dubai.

The country aims to provide the best diagnostic and treatment facilities to patients.  It is recognized for its top-notch health care services for its citizens. To maintain the standards, medical professionals in the country require quality medical equipment to provide quality services.

This has invited a lot of medical professionals or businessmen from around the world to start a medical equipment trading company in Dubai.

The government of Dubai offers a lot of advantages that help in the development of the healthcare facilities of the country. The city has a world-class infrastructure and exceptionally good transportation and logistics services that make it easy for people to connect from different parts of the world. With all these benefits, you can also easily start your own medical equipment trading business in Dubai

Read the blog further to get all the necessary information on how to start a medical equipment trading company in Dubai.

Why Start a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai?

Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and clinics are in need of medical equipment more than ever before. With so much emerging demand, hospitals, medical professionals, and even the citizens, in general, are in need of quality medical equipment. By setting up a medical equipment company in Dubai, you can not only make high profits but also help the needy. Other than this, there are many other business advantages that the UAE government offers. Like the ease of business setup, hundred percent foreign ownership, choice of location, and much more. 

What are the Requirements to Start a Medical Equipment Trading in Dubai?

  1. Get approval for all the medical devices from the UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) Drug Registration and Control Department.
  2. Fill an application form, get it signed and stamped by a notable authority in the company.
  3. Issue an attested original letter to a local establishment, giving an authority to submit the registration files on their behalf to the Drug Department & Distribution Rights.
  4. Aquire a valid ISO certificate from the corresponding authority in the country of origin for each site being used for the legal manufacturing process of medical devices. 
  5. Submit a detailed company profile.
  6. Attach a list of products manufactured or assembled by the site. 
  7. Acquire a legal manufacturing license from the competent authority in the country of origin.
  8. Once you complete the procedure, the UAE Ministry of Health will provide a registration number with a 5-year validity.

What are the Documents Required for Medicines Trading in Dubai?

  1. A properly filled application form, is provided by the DED to register your medical equipment trading business in Dubai.
  2. Submit an authorized letter to the Ministry of Health to get the required permission for the imports of medical devices.
  3. A detailed profile of your company.
  4. Submit a list of all the products manufactured and imported to the UAE.
  5. Present the manufacturing license of the company in the country of origin.
  6. Submit all the necessary documents for the successful completion of the registration process.
  7. Get a license of the medical warehouse issued by MOHAP.
  8. Show the license of the pharmacist who will be in charge of the warehouse.
  9. Submit a valid trade license of the warehouse.
  10. Product Minor Variation Certificate, if any.
  11. Information, catalog, and pictures of each product as per the invoice.
  12. Product Registration Certificate, if any.
  13. Get a certificate of free sale (issued by the government). 
  14. Good Manufacturing Certificate (GMP)
  15. Purchase invoice that includes the country of origin and dates of production and expiry.
  16. Product Quality Certificate (C.E. – ISO – FDA Certificate)

What is the Procedure to Start a Medical Equipment Company in Dubai?

Setting up a medical equipment company in Dubai involves obtaining permissions, approvals, and registration of your company with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. If you are thinking of starting one of yours in Dubai, you must follow the below-given steps:

  1. Obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  2. Get your trade name approval from the DED.
  3. Draft an MoA and get it signed by all the people involved in your business directly.
  4. It is mandatory to rent a space for operating your business. Don’t forget to register with Ejari to acquire your tenancy contract and unique Ejari number. 
  5. Submit the obtained tenancy contract and unique Ejari number. 
  6. Obtain your trading trade license to operate your business activities in Dubai. 

Take the First Step Towards Starting Your Medical Equipment Company in Dubai.

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