How can I get a Technical Service License in Dubai?

Dubai is the ideal place for entrepreneurs as well as global investors to start a technical services company. But before setting up a company and starting operations, one needs to obtain a Technical services license in Dubai 

Owing to its prime location, low taxes, and favourable government policies, more and more Indian entrepreneurs are looking forward to starting their businesses in Dubai. 

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about setting up a technical service business in Dubai or other emirates in UAE.  

Technical Services License Activities in Dubai

There are a lot of options under activities that come under the technical services umbrella. Hence, you need to do some research to determine exactly where your offering might fit. Shuraa Business Setup professionals can help you with the same. Following is the list of activities allowed under this license.  

  • Plumbing and Sanitary Contracting 
  • Electromechanical equipment installation 
  • Painting contracting and apparatus Installation 
  • Insulation Contracting and Electricity Transmission 
  • Plaster and Cladding Works 
  • Building Cleaning Services 
  • Floor and Wall Tiling Works 
  • Air-Conditioning and Ventilation 
  • Carpentry and Floor Contracting 
  • Engraving and Ornamentation Works 
  • Air Filtration System Installation and Maintenance 
  • Satellite equipment Installation and Maintenance 
  • Electrical Fittings also Partition and Ceiling Contracting 

Benefits of Getting A Technical Services License in Dubai 

You get a plethora of benefits when you set up a technical services company in Dubai. Some of these are: 

  • If you obtain your technical services license in Dubai, you are eligible to apply for government projects. 
  • It will give you complete control over your capital and revenue repatriation. 
  • Dubai has a simple setup process and a stress-free legal approach for obtaining a Technical Services license. 
  • You are permitted to work in the local market of Dubai without any restrictions. 
  • In Dubai, the technical service license is completely tax-free. As a result, there is no corporation tax and no personal tax. 
  • You can enjoy 100% ownership of the company.  
  • You can now launch a business in Dubai without the assistance of a local sponsor. 

Steps To Get A Technical Services License in Dubai 

Like all other trade licenses, acquiring a Technical Services License in Dubai is a simple process. Moreover, when coupled with the help of Shuraa Business Setup experts, it can be achieved in just a few steps. 

The below step-wise process explains how to get a Technical Services License in UAE. 

1. Choose the Location

Firstly, you need to decide the location where you want to establish your business. The business jurisdiction is of paramount importance to getting a Technical Services License In UAE. You need to decide whether to set up your business in a free zone or on the mainland. Both have numerous benefits. Setting up on the mainland allows you to provide services across the UAE. It also enables you to take on government contracts. 

Free zones, on the other hand, offer low-cost license packages. They also offer other advantages. For example – a quick and simple incorporation process, continuous business support, financial incentives, tax exemptions, and no currency limits. 

Shuraa experts can help you find and select the location depending on the type of business activity you plan.  

2. Choose a Trading Name 

The second step is to choose a company trading name. When making this selection, there are a few things to consider. You must abide by a set of regulations that the federal authorities have laid down. These concern the trading name of entities in Dubai.   

Remember that names with political or religious connotations are not accepted by the Dubai authorities. The name should also not be abbreviated in any way. For example, you cannot keep your company name “KN enterprises”, when your full name is Krishna Narang. But, you can use the complete version of your name as your company name. Besides, check to see if the name has already been registered by someone else. In that situation, the application will be rejected by the authority. 

3. Apply For a Technical Services License

The next step in the process is to file your technical services license application. If you choose the free zone approach, you can apply directly to the free zone of your choice. Otherwise, you can apply to the Department of Economic Development for the mainland option (DED).  

The goal is to ensure that your application is error-free in order to avoid delays. Using the services of a company formation consultant gives you the assurance that your application is complete. Moreover, you have a professional on hand to guide you through the full process from start to finish. 

Documentation required To Get a Technical Services License in Dubai 

The main part of your technical services license application is the documentation. While applying for the license, you need the below documents:

  • Passport copies of shareholders. 
  • Visa page or Entry stamp.  
  • Passport size Photograph.  

To know more details about other documents required, reach out to our expert business consultants at Shuraa 

Technical Services License Cost in Dubai 

Multiple factors come into the picture while calculating the cost of a technical services license. The size of your company, your chosen activity, and where you decide to set up, have a major impact on your final total cost. 

If you choose the mainland, you’ll need to budget for additional DED approval, a license registration charge, and a municipal sponsor fee. On the UAE mainland, the cost of applying for a technical services license ranges from AED 12,900 to AED 30,000. You’ll also have to factor in the cost of visas, office space, and other overheads. 

Alternatively, you can launch a technical services firm in the UAE by establishing a free zone. It is the most cost-effective option. Contact the Shuraa Business Setup for a quote on technical services license costs in Dubai tailored to your individual needs. 

Ready To Partner With Us? 

Now is the time to get your technical services license up and running so you can take advantage of the fantastic prospects the UAE has to offer. While the setup procedure might be demanding, getting a technical services license in Dubai with Shuraa Business Setup can be a breeze.  

We are a group of business registration experts that are dedicated to helping ambitious Indian investors and SMEs realize their aspirations. Apart from helping you with your license application, Shuraa professionals can also help you open corporate bank accounts and suggest the best financial institution for your business needs.  

To learn more about starting technical services company in Dubai, book a free consultation with our consultants at Shuraa.