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Dubai Silicon Oasis Company Setup Cost

Dubai Silicon Oasis Company Setup Cost

Dubai Silicon Oasis Company Setup Cost

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The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is a premier free zone and an integrated technological park in Dubai, UAE. DSOA is a residential community as well as a free zone for Indian entrepreneurs and other expatriates in the country. Moreover, the Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup cost is among the lowest when compared to the other free zones.

This free zone offers a modern flair in its business spaces and residential apartments, giving investors a unique opportunity. Furthermore, because the packages are incredibly cost-effective, DSOA is one of the best free zones for business setups. Moreover, even the company formation process is simple, requiring minimal paperwork, and Shuraa Business Setup makes it even easier for you.

What Does the Dubai Silicon Oasis Company Setup Cost?

You can secure a hassle-free workstation package for Company Registration In Dubai Silicon Oasis. Moreover, you get a work desk, a business license, and one visa permit.

In addition, you can also apply for a trading license first and then secure affordable office space for your venture. Therefore, the overall Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup cost amounts to around AED 11,900 to AED 25,000.

The best part about company formation in the DSO is that there aren’t any hidden costs. Therefore, you can analyze the various options available and the associated costs to finalize the one that matches your budget constraints.

How to Start a Company in the Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone?

All you need to do for business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis is follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Finalize the Activities

You need to create a list of business activities you wish to carry out in the DSO-free zone. In addition, the Indian investors need to send this list to the DSOA for approval. Furthermore, you can also apply for external approvals by taking help from Shuraa business experts.

2. Book a Trading Name

The next step is to reserve a trading name for your DSO company. Ensure that you use a unique name that’s indicative of your business activities. Furthermore, don’t forget to follow all the naming convention protocols.

3. Secure Office Space

You can secure office space via a workstation package or consult with Shuraa Business Setup legal advisors for affordable spaces in the DSO. Moreover, the overall Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup cost is lower when compared to other zones.

4. Apply for a License

You can apply for the desired license once you’re done with the above steps. All you need to do is get in touch with the Dubai Silicon Oasis jurisdiction and submit your application. Moreover, you can secure external approvals for activities not listed under your license.

5. Complete Documentation and Paperwork

The last step is to wrap up the pending documentation and paperwork to meet the compliance requirements. Furthermore, documentation is critical for identity verification and assessment of your business model.

What are the Benefits of Setting Up a Company in the Dubai Silicon Oasis?

There are around 45 free zones in the UAE, each with its own set of perks for Indian business owners. Moreover, all free zones strive to attract business owners by providing benefits such as 100 percent foreign ownership, 100 percent capital repatriation, zero corporate taxes, and so on. Here are a few exclusive benefits of DSO:

1. Strategic Business Location

One could argue that DSOA's location in Dubai places it at the epicenter of the global corporate world. The strategic location of Dubai and DSOA allows DSOA enterprises to access significant financial centers both within and outside the UAE.

Firms in the DSOA typically find it easier to form partnerships with other businesses in Dubai and the UAE. These businesses can also take advantage of the skilled workforce that Dubai has to offer.

2. Multifaceted Business Activities

DSOA permits businesses to engage in a variety of activities that fit under one of four (4) easy license types. DSOA offers four licenses: a trade license, an industrial license, a service license, and a special license. Companies can import, export, distribute, produce, prepare, assemble, and provide a variety of services under the first three licensing types.

Companies that have already registered with the Dubai Economy are awarded a special license (also known as a business operating license). The license allows these businesses to operate under a special DSOA administrative jurisdiction.

3. Hassle-Free Residential and Professional Spaces

The work-life balance at DSOA is ideal. Furthermore, the Dubai Silicon Oasis company formation makes it possible to work and live in the free zone by providing a variety of options for establishing an office and a residence. In addition, DSOA offers a variety of workspace solutions that are easily adaptable to meet any company's operational needs.

The DSOA facilities are full of "plug and play" offices that come with pre-installed internet, voice and data connections, a data center, and parking, among other amenities. Moreover, these offices can comfortably handle a firm of up to 500 employees. In addition, conference rooms are also available for businesses to comfortably entertain guests or discuss game-changing company strategies.

Documents Required for Business Setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis

  • Photographs (passport size) of the company registration applicant
  • Application form
  • Passport copies of all the legal participants for verification
  • A copy of the LSA’s Emirati ID
  • MoA and LSA documents (notarized and attested)
  • Tourist visa of the company registration applicant
  • External approvals (if applicable)

Launch Your Company in the DSO Today!

Company formation in the DSO free zone is the right choice, thanks to the countless benefits. In addition, the DSOA continues to introduce business-friendly reforms to empower Indian entrepreneurs to set up their ventures in this economic zone.

All you need to do now is get in touch with the company formation experts at Shuraa. We help you optimize the Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup cost and take care of all the legalities.

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