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How To Start Export Business From India to Dubai?

start an export business from India to Dubai

How To Start Export Business From India to Dubai?

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If you are thinking to start an export business from India to Dubai, it is a nice opportunity to start it right away. UAE is well known for its oil wells, 7-star hotels, wealth, business streets, and vast desert lands. Imports of goods & services to Dubai comprise 68.48% of GDP. With such big numbers, Indian entrepreneurs, investors, or businessmen can benefit a lot from doing an import-export business in Dubai. 

Undoubtedly, the infrastructure with the UAE's position at the joining of busy trade routes between China, Europe, and MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) parts, makes it the most famous place for import and export business. In this article, you will get to know the benefits, costs, and easy methods to open an export business from India to Dubai. 

Benefits of Starting an Export Business From India to Dubai

The Middle East’s trading market has ranked 12th in the world for offering business options in Dubai. Are you thinking about what interests Indian investors and businessmen to pond their money and resources in Dubai’s export-import businesses? Check out the benefits of doing import-export business in Dubai.

Traditional Trading Culture 

Dubai and other parts of the UAE traded natural resources like minerals, spices, peal, and copper with many countries for years before finding oil. The discovery of oil in 1962, became an extensive training milestone. Therefore, trading has always been a favoring scope for Indian investors to import and export to Dubai.  

Import-Export Friendly Environment 

The potential 2 billion people market from European and Asian areas can come within 4 to 8 hours of traveling. This is supported by the advanced airline network of international and local carriers and well-maintained logistics centers. Moreover, the world-class infrastructure and high standard of living excite Indian investors to start an export business from India to Dubai.  

Favorable Dubai Trade Laws & Benefits 

Dubai’s trading laws are made in a way to encourage good competition, save the interest and rights of businesses and customers & offer a reliable environment for SMEs and other companies. Also, Dubai offers favorable tax benefits, allowing foreign traders to trade freely within limited restrictions.  

Steps To Start an Export Business From India to Dubai 

Below is a list of easy steps which any Indian businessman, investor, or entrepreneur can follow to start an import-export business in Dubai.  

1. Decide the Trading Activity

The first decision is deciding what you like to trade as it will highly affect the kind of trading license you need. You may wish for a basic trading license that will enable you to do trades of unrelated goods.

However, some other famous options range from beauty products and jewelry to huge products like aircraft and automobiles. Both ways, it is ideal to choose a business activity that suits your personality and comfort. To make a clear idea of what you want to import-export, do consider reaching out to a business formation expert.  

2. Choose a Name for Your Business 

Dubai is pretty strict when it is about naming your businesses. Therefore, it is better to be well aware of the rules and regulations. Importantly, avoid using any language that is seen as an offense to the UAE community. It’s also important to ensure the name is available whether you wish to register or not.

Also, avoid names that are similar to any existing businesses. And even if you are naming the company by your name, make sure not to abbreviate it. So, Jack Marshall Traders is acceptable, but J. Marshall Traders is not.  

3. Choose Your Business Location

You are free to start an export business from India to Dubai in the mainland or free zone area. Thanks to the best areas of free zones that have direct links to the highways, airports, and ports. Moreover, free zones offer full exemptions from all types of export-import taxes and zero currency limitations. Indian businesses doing import-export businesses can also resettle all profits and capital.  

On the other hand, if you like to set up a trading business in the mainland directly with the UAE local market- taking help from a business setup expert is ideal to know the detailed process.  

4. Apply for License 

If you are planning to setup a business in the free zone, then you have to go to that zone’s managing body. Whereas, if you like to do trading set up in the mainland, you can directly apply to the municipality of the chosen area or the DED (Department of Economic Development). Well, to ease the licensing process, you can take guidance from a business consultancy specialist.  

Documents Required To Start Import Export Business  

The documents needed to start an export business from India to Dubai depend on the kind of products you wish to trade. However, some common documents that are mostly asked by Indian businessmen to show while starting an import-export business in Dubai are as follows: 

  • Passport copies of the shareholders. 
  • Entry stamp or Visa page. 
  • Passport-size photograph. 
For more details, reach out to our expert consultants at Shuraa Business Setup. 

What Is the Cost of Starting an Export Business From India to Dubai? 

Export to Dubai from India is now hassle-free. The cost of starting an import-export business in Dubai varies between AED 15,000 to AED 30,000. However, there are many other determinants of cost such as the number of shareholders and tax regulations when you like to sell in the Dubai local market.  

Let’s Get Started For Export Business From India to Dubai 

Dubai is one of the world’s leading export hubs, making it interesting for Indian businessmen to start import-export trade here. With easy business setup options, the best infrastructure, and a supportive government, you must give it a try and open a trading business in Dubai. 

Shuraa Business Setup will assist you throughout your licensing process and even after that! We take care of everything from initial documentation to visas and opening bank accounts in UAE. Click here to get started! 

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