How to Start a Garments Trading Company in Dubai

garment and textile business in Dubai

How to Start a Garments Trading Company in Dubai

Garments Trading Company in Dubai

Dubai has continuously shown itself to be a center of the business city of the Middle East and a rewarding platform for young entrepreneurs in the garment business. Dubai is home to one of the world’s largest consumer markets for clothing and accessories, from conventional and multicultural to casual and formal apparel.

E-commerce facilities have been the solution for businesses set up in Dubai.
The government has also launched various e-commerce licenses in an attempt to diversify the economy in order to set up a rigorous platform for the construction of UAE Business plan services for foreign investors.

The business setup in Dubai is not hard, but many international businessmen have no knowledge of local laws so it is advised that a professional agent for setting up a textile business in Dubai be called.

If you would like to launch a garment business in Dubai, you may use our company formation services in Dubai to help register the company.

Registering a garment Trading Company in Dubai

Garment business can be launched in Dubai mainland or in several free zones in Dubai. Nevertheless, in any part of Dubai’s mainland, there is more population density than any free zone. Therefore, the business setup in Dubai’s mainland region is more profitable.

You will need to file with the Department of economic development (DED), a government group aiming at organizing the business registration process if you wish to start a textile business in Dubai mainland.

Mainland businesses have no limitations as far as their local and international trading operations are concerned while a free zone has its own laws and regulations.

The phases you might need to go through are as follows:

  • Send all documentation originally required, such as passport versions, visa, and other papers.
  • For the name approval and formal approval of your store, you may need NOCs.
  • Next, find a local affiliate and sign a Memorandum of Association (MOA) with him/her.
  • Choose the right place for your business to suit your needs. In the case of a wholesale fabric store, you are expected to pick a market location.
  • Submit the application form along with DED together with the above documents to enable you to obtain a permit to open a garments Trading Company in Dubai.
  • Collect license.
  • You can produce, make, distribute and also export the garments to other countries using the DED certificate. This process takes time and you should also approach a professional consulting firm to assure your authorization is accepted.

A comprehensive guide for garment trading companies in Dubai

  1. Obtaining Trade License: The first step is to legitimize your textile business in Dubai. A trade license must authorize the corporation to operate legally in the area, access public services, and any other special opportunities the zone provides.
  2. Local Sponsorship: Your start-up may initially need a lot of support. Many programs can allow a local provider to bill separately. Do not go on sponsoring until you have agreed with each other what to expect, and the Local Court will produce and certify a written agreement. Don’t just depend on verbal details.
  3. Getting office space: Buying or renting some office space in Dubai is also one more charge in connection with various costs of setting up a garment business, which involves businessmen to experience full paperwork, permits, and logistic installations routine.
  4.  eCommerce Website: An e-commerce website is a portal that provides information of all garments digitally and is the only outlet that can transfer funds to the trader’s account.
  5.  Costs: There are variations in the cost of establishing a textile business in Dubai between regions.
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