How to Start a Supermarket Business in Dubai?

Supermarkets are always a necessity and an in-demand business in Dubai. So if you’re thinking to start a supermarket business in Dubai, and do not know how to, you’re at the right place. If you want to start a supermarket business in Dubai, the first step is to prepare a detailed business plan. Since this is a huge business that requires a large amount of capital upfront, you must have a proper business plan in place to later secure a supermarket license in Dubai

It is important to be aware of some relevant information before putting your business plan into action. This includes the benefits to start a supermarket business in Dubai, its registration process, and the cost of supermarket license Dubai. Read ahead to learn all there is to know about how to start a supermarket business in Dubai

Why Should You Start a Supermarket Business in Dubai?

There are ample reasons to start a supermarket business in Dubai. A few major advantages to going for it are as follows:

  1. Supermarkets are one of the most in-demand retail businesses in Dubai. 
  2. People in Dubai love food, and your local supermarket can help them cover the most basic of needs.
  3. The process to set up a supermarket in Dubai is super simple. 
  4. Businesses across the country are always willing to sell their products in supermarkets and will reach out to you for stocking their goods in most cases.
  5. Moreover, getting your supermarket license in Dubai to start trading is easy. 

Also, if you collaborate with a company formation expert like Shuraa Business Setup, we’ll take care of everything, from your supermarket name registration to licensing, your visas, and bank accounts. This will help you speed up the process to start a supermarket business in Dubai.

What is the Process to Start a Supermarket Business in Dubai?

Follow this step-by-step process to easily register and start a supermarket business in Dubai. Also, learn how to acquire your supermarket license in Dubai. 

Step 1 – Decide Your Supermarket Name

The first step is to decide on a name for your supermarket. It is important that whichever name you select complies with all the terms and conditions of trade name established by the government. A few important ones are to avoid the use of abbreviations, mention of any religious words or God, foul words, or slang.

Moreover, if you decide to name your supermarket after a person, make sure to use their full name. Once you have selected a name, you must register it with the Department of Economic Development. 

Step 2 – List the Products You Want to Sell

Now you must decide the types of goods you wish to sell in your supermarket. Whether it’s cosmetics, food products, groceries, stationery, household products, hardware, etc. Note that if you have a grocery license in Dubai, you are not allowed to sell cosmetics unless specifically listed on your license.

Hence, it is very important to list all the products you want to sell. Also, you are not allowed to sell alcohol, drugs, medicines, etc. on a commercial license. You need take special permission and a separate license for that. If you do it without permission, that will be a criminal offense.

Step 3 – Rent a Place

Next, you must rent a suitable place to run your supermarket. Make sure to check for space you need, it must comply with dimensions and hygiene terms and conditions set by the government. The size of the space depends on the number of employees you have and the products you wish to sell. The more the products, the bigger space you need.

Furthermore, secure the location and property papers along with the maps. Once you rent the space, register it with Ejari to get your tenancy contract and your unique Ejari code for future references. 

Step 4 – Apply for Business License

With all the above steps complete, you can now easily apply for a commercial license to start a supermarket in Dubai. You need to submit your business plan, application form, national ID, passport, visa, trade name registration proof, and the list of products you want to sell.

These documents will undergo a thorough inspection. If the government officials find everything in place, you will get a notification or a mail from the DED for your supermarket license Dubai approval. This whole process will take up to 4 to 5 working days. 

Step 5 – Pay the One-Time Fee

Finally, when your papers are approved, you will get a mail from the DED with the payment voucher through which you must pay the one-time registration fee to the government. Make sure to finish the payment within 24 hours of receiving your commercial license. If you fail to do, the government will cancel your license and you will have to apply again, go through the whole process again. 

Step 6 – Apply for Visa

Now you must apply for a visa. The best part? You can apply for as many visas as you want as per the size of your company and the number of employees. Submit a copy of your passport, colored passport size photographs, and national ID. Submit a letter stating the purpose of your visit or stay in Dubai. There might be a few additional documents you will have to submit.

We advise you to seek help from business setup experts to help you with the paperwork to avoid any mishaps. Furthermore, you will have to undergo a medical fitness test and apply for an entry permit. Once all your documents are approved, you will receive a confirmation mail with the information for how, when, and where to collect your visa from. 

Step 7 – Open A Bank Account

The last step is to open a bank account in Dubai. This helps you to carry out all the financial transactions with ease. The banks also provide various long-term benefits to commercial license and business visa holders in Dubai. 

What Documents do You Need to Start a Supermarket Business in Dubai?

The list of documents you need to gather and submit with the DED to get your supermarket license in Dubai and start a supermarket business in Dubai is not too long. But still, we suggest you take help from local legal experts to help you cover all the important documents. 

  1. Copies of your passport
  2. Copies of your Visa
  3. National ID
  4. A detailed business plan for your supermarket.
  5. List of products you wish to sell.

What is the Cost to Start a Supermarket Business in Dubai?

There are a lot of costs involved when you want to open a supermarket in Dubai. So, it isn’t straightforward to give you a final amount. 

However, when it comes to obtaining your supermarket license in Dubai or grocery license in Dubai, you can expect to pay an amount anywhere between AED 10,000 to AED 40,000. This amount may vary as per the size and nature of your business.

Additionally, you will need to pay for the premises, equipment, marketing, staffing, etc.

For a full breakdown of all costs involved in the process of starting a supermarket business in Dubai, get in touch with experts at Shuraa Business Setup.

Set Up Your Supermarket in Dubai With the Help of Shuraa

Now that you are aware of the benefits, registration process, and costs involved in setting up a supermarket business in Dubai, think no more! Reach out to the business set-up experts at the Shuraa to guide you at each step, help you gather the necessary papers, get approvals and acquire your supermarket license in Dubai quickly and at a very nominal cost. All you have to do is give us a call and we will get it done.