How can I get Home Business License in Dubai?

Do you want to launch a business from the convenience of your home? You must obtain a home business license in Dubai. You need this license if you want to run a home-based business. You can get this license quickly because the process of getting it is not too difficult. Continue reading to learn more about Dubai’s home business licenses and the types of businesses that can use them. 

What is a home business license in Dubai? 

In Dubai, entrepreneurship is praised. In fact, many small business sectors have seen enormous growth as a result of government incentives that have been implemented in recent years. This has also led a lot of people to think about setting up a home-based business in Dubai. 

Due to the strong support provided by UAE authorities, beginning business owners, entrepreneurs, and even those looking to launch a side business, can now do so without difficulty. 

A home business license enables you to operate a business entirely from your home in accordance with UAE regulations. The Department of Economic Development makes obtaining a home business license for prospective entrepreneurs simple (DED). 

How to Apply for a Dubai Home Business License? 

In Dubai, obtaining a license for a home business is straightforward. There are a few procedures to remember. 

  • You must first complete an application form and gather all necessary supporting documentation. Whether you’re starting your business in a free zone authority or on the mainland will affect the submission process. 
  • You will deliver your application and the required paperwork to the Department of Economic Development for the mainland (DED). 

Documents needed in Dubai to apply for a home business license 

  • Passport copies of shareholders.  
  • Visa page or Entry stamp.   
  • Passport size Photograph.   

Important information: To comply with UAE regulations, if you are an expat in Dubai looking to launch a home-based business, you must change your residency status to investor residency. 

How Can a Home Business Be Started in Dubai? 

The best course of action is to schedule a consultation with a business formation specialist in order to position yourself for success. 

You can concentrate on starting your business by hiring help from experts who can take care of licensing, visas, permits, and other necessary paperwork. 

There are a few procedures to follow in Dubai in order to launch a home business, including: 

  • Select the business endeavors you want to pursue. This may be the most important element of beginning a business. It’s critical to think about the market you want to enter, what you can offer in that market, and the industry. 
  • Choose a free zone or jurisdiction on the mainland. Depending on the kind of business you want to run, you can launch a home-based enterprise in either jurisdiction. 
  • Decide on a company name. What is permitted in terms of a business name in the United Arab Emirates is governed by strict regulations. Along with some other naming rules to follow, there should be no associations with organizations like the government or religion. 

Once you’ve established these fundamental steps for starting a business, you can move on to the application process for a home business license. 

Activities of Home-Based Businesses in Dubai 

The options for those looking to launch a home business are numerous. It is possible to make a living from home by freelancing, providing IT consulting, and blogging on YouTube. In fact, several industries are currently experiencing growth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE. 

In Dubai, a home-based business is allowed to engage in several business activities, such as: 

1. E-commerce 

In any case, establishing an online store in Dubai is a surefire way to make money while staying at home comfortably. Online sales of your goods or services can help you achieve the work-life balance you’ve always wanted. 

2. Graphic Design 

Starting a home business is a fantastic way for graphic designers to market themselves in Dubai and showcase their talents. Additionally, as a small business owner, you will have the ability to work from home to assist other companies in realizing their branding objectives. 

3. Web Development & Design 

Web design is another excellent option for a home-based business for those with IT, software, and web development skills. The simple truth is that having a website makes your company seem more credible. As a result, there is a rising and significant demand for qualified and experienced web designers. Undoubtedly, it has the potential to be a lucrative venture for home-based business owners. 

4. Social Media Specialist 

It is more crucial than ever to have a social media presence to market your brand and company. A great way to work from home and assist regional or global companies in making their mark on social media is to become a social media consultant. 

The potential for business growth is enormous if you are a savvy social media expert and are familiar with these platforms. In the UAE, there is a huge demand for starting a social media consultancy business that assists clients in turning their social content into sales. You can put these skills to use and take pleasure in creating brands while making money for yourself as well with a home business license in Dubai. 

5. Consultant for PR and marketing 

Most consulting businesses can be run remotely, and the marketing and public relations industries are no exception. You must also obtain a management consultancy license from the DED in addition to a home business license. 

6. Design and Market Handmade Goods 

This could be a great business opportunity for you if you have a creative flair for handmade jewelry, crafts, artwork, pottery, or other goods you want to sell. With a home-based business license, marketing and selling handmade goods from the comfort of your home is now simple. 

To make this home-based business idea profitable, either use your own website to attract customers or make use of your social media accounts. Additionally, using e-commerce websites like Amazon, Etsy, and Noon streamlines and simplifies the process for home-based businesses. 

7. Drop shipping 

A home-based drop shipping business is a great way to make some extra money. Drop shipping is a method of product fulfilment in which the store owner does not maintain a stock of the goods being sold. Instead of stocking goods, it purchases them from independent sellers who then ship them right to customers. Drop shippers act as middlemen by connecting customers and manufacturers. 


For any entrepreneur, the idea of launching a new business is exciting. Additionally, it is alluring to be able to manage everything from the comfort of your own home. In fact, operating an entirely online business from home is even simpler. Your dream of working from home could be realized very quickly if you have a home business license. 

In general, getting a home business license in Dubai is not too difficult. You can launch your business as soon as you have finished the application process, supplied all the required paperwork, and paid the required fees. 

However, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance if you want to ensure that you’re checking off all the necessary boxes when it comes to launching a home-based business. Contact us right away for more details on how to begin. We anticipate hearing from you!