Document Attestation Services in India for UAE

For foreign business owners, moving to and starting a business in the UAE has been a thrilling and fruitful adventure. Many business owners have relocated to the UAE in recent years in search of greater business opportunities. But having to relocate your entire life thousands of miles away entails having to deal with a lot of procedures. There are lots of services to smoothen your move to the UAE. One of them is UAE attestation services. 

When applying for a visa to transfer to the UAE, whether for personal or professional reasons, the UAE Attestation procedure is necessary. The process of UAE attestation will prove the legality of the documents.

So, if you are planning to move to the UAE, you should know the significance of certificates and documents attestation. This blog will enlighten you on the entire process and costs for UAE attestation.

What Is UAE Attestation?

The UAE attestation is evidence of a document being credible and admissible for use in the country. The attestation process involves verifying whether an educational, non-educational or commercial document or certificate issued outside the UAE is authentic. 

Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) asked residents, including expats, to get their academic certificates and other documents issued outside the UAE attested to avoid rejection.

In the UAE attestation process, every detail on the certificate is verified at different levels. If the details are found credible, the concerned authorities at each level stamp and sign the documents. Subsequently, once the Embassy attests the documents, they become valid for use in the UAE. This way, the UAE attestation legalizes your documents to be readily accepted throughout the UAE.  

UAE attestation services authenticate your documents and certificates when moving to the UAE for any reason, such as employment, education, medical treatments, business, and so on. They verify the content, signature, and stamp on your document to establish its credibility for legal purposes. It is necessary for the application and approval processes for your visa.

Why Do You Need UAE Attestation?

UAE Attestation is important to demonstrate that your reports are genuine and credible before the UAE government. It aids in getting an employment visa, family residence visa, higher education, admission to school in UAE, and more. Following are some reasons why you need a UAE attestation: 

1. Secures You as a Foreign Citizen

You obtain your status as a foreigner in the UAE when you move there with all the attested paperwork. The Indian Embassy in the UAE will fully protect and manage you if you are an Indian citizen. No illegal entrance charges will be brought against you. Also, you may always get in touch with the Indian Embassy without any trouble in an emergency. However, you won’t be able to use all these amenities if you enter the UAE without the attested documents.

2. Eases Residence and Other Facilities

You will be able to use all services as a foreigner once you have finished the UAE attestation and got the visa. Residence, education, and other essential facilities are among these services. However, if you enter the UAE illegally, you will probably have to worry about facing legal consequences.

3. Makes Our Purpose Transparent

You can feel secure in everything if you have all the proven documents required for your visit to the UAE. The government will not question your intentions and will not withhold your documents. Furthermore, you can use the UAE attestation for trade, travel, education, immigration, and any other purpose.

What Are the Documents Required for UAE Attestation?

Before you decide to move to the UAE, you must have all the documents required for UAE attestation. This smoothens the attestation process. Some of the documents that you will need to submit are as follows:

  • Original certificates
  • Passport copies 
  • Two passport-size photographs

The documents vary as per your purpose for moving to the UAE. The professionals at the Shuraa Business Setup can provide you with a comprehensive list of the required documents based on your purpose for the move.

How to Get UAE Attestation?

The process for UAE attestation is indirect and completed by various levels of government. The notary, SHD or HRD, the MEA, the Embassy, and occasionally the SDM must all certify it. Following is a general overview of obtaining attestation at different levels:

1. Regional Level

It is the first level of the UAE attestation process. This stage of attestation can be carried out by the notary or the University that issued the documents.

2. State Government

According to the requirements of the document type, three distinct entities carry out the verification of state certificates. These departments include the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

3. MEA Stamp

The Ministry of External Affairs, also known as MEA, authenticates documents for the final time before stamping them with an MEA stamp.

4. Embassy Attestation

Embassy Attestation is by representatives of the nation for which you are legalizing the documents. After the Ministry of External Affairs, it is the last phase of certification for the majority of countries.

Apart from these stages, sometimes, gulf attestation is also required. Moreover, depending on the origin or type of the document, the procedure for the attestation of certificates will vary. Also, the process of the UAE attestation will depend on the purpose of your resettlement to the UAE.

As you see, certificate attestation can be daunting and time-consuming. Getting your important certificates attested without expert assistance can be quite a tiring experience. 

Shuraa professionals will help you verify your certifications without any issues. No matter where you are, we will support you if you need formal attestation from authorities.

What Is the Total Cost of Getting UAE Attestation?

The process of the UAE attestation varies with the type and origin of documents. It also depends on the purpose of visiting the UAE. Therefore, the around cost of UAE attestation services is AED 2000*.

Shuraa can help you with the precise cost of attestation services. We are well-known in the field and will keep you updated with the entire process. 

Certificates : 

  • Document of Fingerprint – AED 150
  • Educational Certificates – AED 150
  • Employment Contract – AED 150
  • Other Certificates – AED 150


  • Cancel Commercial Licenses – AED 2000
  • Canceling commercial agency – AED 2000
  • ISO Certificate – AED 2000
  • Company’s commercial registrar – AED 2000
  • Commercial licenses – AED 2000
  • Any copy of the trading license – AED 2000
  • ISO Certificate – AED 2000

Get your Attestation Services in Dubai

The specialists at Shuraa can assist you in obtaining all the resources required to start your business in the UAE. Moreover, we can expedite the attestation of your documents. From the notary to the Embassy, we can help you legalize your documents at every level of authorization. 

Our UAE attestation services ensure your documents are authentically and completely attested. We promise a straightforward procedure for you while upholding honesty. All you need to do is get in touch with us!