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Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai

How to Start a Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai

If you're planning to start a foodstuff trading business in Dubai or you're able to get a DED food trading license in Dubai, then you've made the right decision. Food trading industry in Dubai is an ever-growing business. The company has enormous potential, since most food supplies in the UAE are exported, manufactured, packaged and distributed. Starting foodstuff business in mainland Dubai comes up with a huge number of opportunities. Foodstuff business holders in mainland Dubai can trade with anyone and anywhere and also outside the country.

However there is a definite process that needs to be followed for the purpose of documentation by the traders willing to start a foodstuff trading business in Dubai mainland.

Business Set up in Dubai

Business set up in Dubai requires a process to be followed as defined by the Dubai regulating authorities. This process is a necessity for Business set up in Dubai as rule violations are strictly dealt by the authorities. Documents required for business set up in Dubai Mainland:-
1. Passport copy of shareholders
2. Noc letter in case of shareholder is holding a resident visa
3. Emirates ID if shareholder is in possession of resident visa
4. Visa page of shareholder

Role of Dubai Municipality regarding business set up in Dubai

Foodstuff trading business license is subject to Dubai municipality rules and regulation, which solely holds such rights. Food control department has the authority to provide the foodstuff trading business license in Dubai mainland.

Rules for foodstuff trading business in Dubai

A foodstuff trading business license in Dubai will make sure that suitable resources are provide for carrying and holding the foodstuff as well as provide facilities for food transport; moving vehicles, bins, boxes, in order to protect food from pollution including dust and smokes, to protect damages and with it a proper food setting is given.
1. Container is to be made up of material to keep the problem of contamination away
2. The mover has to be free from germs and clean
3. The food products are to be arranged in proper partitions.
4. Proper conditions for temperature, humidity, air for keeping the food items fresh
5. Container has to come with a temperature monitoring device.

Vegetable trading business in Dubai

Vegetable trade in Dubai is a blooming area of business in Dubai mainland as most of the vegetables are imported from other countries. However setting up a business in vegetable trade requires some formalities’ to be completed and few conditions that have been set by Dubai municipality have to be adhered to. Setting up a vegetable trading business in Dubai gives one a chance to reach out to a bigger consumer market.

Since people from all over the world are travelling to Dubai either as tourists or immigrants. In order to set up vegetable trading business one needs to register the business with relevant authorities in Dubai which otherwise accounts to violation of law. For setting up a vegetable business in Dubai one has to obtain the license from DED i.e., Department of Economic development. Once the licesne is obtained the business can be started, afterwards the owner has to take care of the things like containers which has to have a material that can tackle the problem of contamination.

Fruits and vegetable trading companies in Dubai

Dubai has a huge market for both the fruits and vegetables as domestic production is on a lesser side. The consumer base is also a very wide, ranging from almost every part of the world, with people having different tastes as per their culture. As such a number of reputed companies are working in this field.
1. Saadi vegetables and fruit trading
2. Barakat vegetable & fruits co LLC
3. Choithram supermarkets
4. Falcon global general trading LLC
5. Aaref supermarket
6. Abbar zainy trading est

Fruits and vegetable importers and wholesalers in Dubai

Domestic production of both the commodities being on lesser side , most of the items have to be imported from all over the world. The imported items should be fresh and free of pollutants and germs. The various prominent fruit and vegetable importers and wholesalers in Dubai are.
1. Yalda trading company LLC
2. AAK middle east LLC
3. Al khalil trading establishment
4. Aj haj ibrahim samari co LLC

Allan foodstuff trading LLC Dubai

Alan foodstuff trading company is one of the Middle East’s leading importers and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables, having expanded operations all over Dubai. it is one the main importers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables being sourced from all over the world. Allan trading company supplies the fresh fruits and vegetables to supermarkets, pre packers, re exporters and wholesale fruit and vegetable markets all over Dubai ranging from national brands to smaller independent retailers.

Vegetable suppliers in Dubai

Dubai being mostly import dependent, various vegetable suppliers are operating in the market to supply fresh produce to its consumers. The suppliers establish a network of suppliers who provide fresh vegetables grown in different parts of the world. Some of the vegetable suppliers in Dubai are:-
1. Alan Foodstuff Trading LLC is one of the main suppliers.
2. Al Aweer central vegetable market
3. Abdulla bin Khatatr foodstuff LLC
4. Floral Fruit LLC

Foodstuff companies in Dubai

The procedure for setting up foodstuff companies in Dubai is already discussed in this article. The Dubai business directory provides a list of some well known foodstuff companies in Dubai.
1. Al Douri foodstuff trading Co LLC
2. International foodstuffs company
3. La Noisette Foodstuff CO. LLC
4. Royal foodstuff Co LLC
5. Sawhney Foodstuff Trading Company LLC

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