Low-Cost Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai has a unique mix of benefits that help businesses thrive, regardless of their size or scope. Its strategic location helps Indian entrepreneurs to develop their enterprises across borders while enjoying a Low-cost business setup in Dubai. Moreover, the excellent living standards make it an ideal local market for investors.

If you follow the appropriate techniques and consult with Dubai business professionals, you can save a lot of money on company registration. The location, trade name, rental space, local sponsors, business activities, and other considerations all play a role in company registration in the UAE.

You can start a Low-cost business in Dubai for Just AED 12,000 if you have a thorough understanding of how the system works. In addition, you must choose between forming a firm in a free zone and establishing a company on the mainland. It’s because free zones in the UAE have their jurisdictions that control the businesses. Therefore, if you pick the appropriate one, you can save a lot of money.

Guide for a Low-Cost Business Setup in Dubai

Here’s a list for Indian investors and other expatriates looking for a Low-cost business setup in Dubai

  1. Understand your business needs and match your requirements with the offerings of the mainland or the free zones. This will help you curb the additional costs of resources and would save you a lot of money in the longer run.
  2. Consult with business experts to establish your company via their affordable packages. All-in-one packages consist of licensing, visa, documentation assistance, etc. Tackling them individually demands hefty sums of money.
  3. Don’t rent an office space if you don’t need one. You can have a virtual address or even acquire Desk/office space on a per-hour basis. In addition, this curtails your expenses, and the same can be invested in other growth-related activities.
  4. Don’t forget to document all the agreements and contracts. Moreover, notarize documents like the MoA and AoA by taking help from the local jurisdiction. This will save a handful of money and foster hassle-free dispute settlements in case of deviations.
  5. Always perform a background check of your local sponsor/local service agent. A reliable company formation will help you with all the legalities at a reasonable price. However, a wrong choice here can lead to undesired consequences in the future.

Mainland vs Free Zone


If your business plan necessitates unrestricted access to the local market as well as markets beyond the UAE, a mainland corporation is a way to go. The DED regulates all enterprises based on the mainland. In addition, there are over 2,000 business activities that are permitted in this region.

When you choose this location, you’ll have the freedom to apply for several visas at a low cost, which is good for your wallet. It’s an ideal business zone for Indian investors due to its excellent infrastructure and abundance of business opportunities.

Free Zone

A free zone business setup allows you to have 100 percent control of your company without any required shareholding laws. There are general-purpose free zones that accept all forms of business activities. Moreover, numerous business-specific free zones are tailored to certain business categories.

If you don’t think you’ll need much exposure to the mainland market, a free zone Dubai company registration is a viable option. You can also choose a smart/Flexi workplace, which helps you realize a low-cost business setup in the UAE.

How To Start A Company In 4 Easy Steps

1. Finalize Business Activities

Describe the business activities that will be carried out daily. Certain operations necessitate additional governmental approvals. As a result, always include all activities, regardless of their importance. Failure to do so can result in long-term consequences, including the suspension of your company license.

2. Trade Name Reservation

After you’ve compiled a list of business activities, choose a name for your organization. To minimize delays in registration, make sure you comply with the naming conventions provided by the government. You’re free to use any name that doesn’t sound insulting, impolite, contentious, or derogatory to a person’s religious beliefs or sentiments.

3. Apply for a License

Submit your business application, together with all necessary paperwork and approvals. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is in charge of licensing businesses that want to establish themselves on the mainland.

When applying for a free zone trading license, the independent regulating organizations of free zones take care of licenses. Copies of the applicant’s passport and visa, an initial approval certificate, colored photographs of the applicant, and other documents are included in the obligatory paperwork.

4. Manage Visas

Once you’ve completed the above steps, apply for visas. Visas can be obtained for your shareholders, relatives, domestic employees, and others, depending on your needs. Furthermore, if you need several visas, forming a firm on the mainland is preferable because the laws are more favorable.

How Much Does it Cost to Launch a Business in Dubai?

A low-cost business license in Dubai costs AED 12,500* for a budget-friendly license. This involves an LLC trade license, three business activities, and a lease agreement. However, this package does not offer any visa allocations. If you require one visa allocation, you can opt for the next package, which costs AED 12,500 to AED 50,000.

Enjoy Low-Cost Business Setup in the UAE!

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In addition, we offer customized business packages and offer exclusive cost-efficient solutions at the initial stage to provide adequate breathing space. Furthermore, our nominal upfront fees model is the best choice for all business types, be it an up-and-coming startup, a branch office, or a limited liability company.

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