20 Profitable Business Ideas For Ladies In Dubai

For more than a decade, businesses in Dubai have been booming rapidly. Today, the global city is the first choice of entrepreneurs to set up a business in Dubai. But many people still wonder about the position and contribution of women in the economic development of the country.

As the UAE is a predominant country of Arabic ethnicity, half the population is Muslim. This makes them believe that women in UAE are not allowed to do business. Well, this is not at all true. There are ample business ideas for ladies in Dubai to choose from.

Women are free to do any business they wish to in the UAE, as long as they have all the legal approvals. It is suggested for women to setup a business in Dubai that does not require a huge investment. Instead, you should spend your precious energy, ideas, time, and money on small but profitable business ideas. 

What are Some Profitable Business Ideas for Ladies in Dubai?

For women who are willing to start a new business, we have listed 20 profitable business ideas for women in Dubai.

1. Alteration Service

An alteration service is one of the good business ideas for ladies in Dubai. In Particular, housewives with kids can start an alteration service from their home. It only requires basic requirements like a sewing machine, different types of threads, and the right skills.

This business requires low startup capital investment and can be operated part-time. Ladies can make a good amount of profit by providing others with perfect outfits.

2. Fashion Boutique

Opening a fashion boutique is another great idea. It is considered one of the most innovative and trending business ideas for women in Dubai. With Dubai being one of the biggest commercial centers in the world, it will not be difficult to find a niche and start earning profits.

It is important to have a fair knowledge of the current trends in the fashion industry. Also, a strong and reliable supply source for items you want to sell will be required.

3. SeaFood

Starting a specialty seafood-selling business is one of the most wonderful and profitable business ideas for ladies in Dubai. All that is needed is to source the products as wholesale purchases and store them in a freezer.

They can be sold in frozen condition. With the help of delivery partners or a vehicle of their own, the products can be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. A good product promotion plan will be required for this business.

4. Event Management

Women who enjoy planning family events have a profitable business idea right in front of them. They can start an event management agency in Dubai. This business demands good communication, organizational, and planning skills. Graduating from college in events management or having a related certification course is a plus.

In the event management business, usually, the major customers are large corporations, families, educational institutes, married couples, NGOs, etc. Having good connections with people who run events frequently is a must.

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5. Social Media Management

Social Media Management has become one of the most popular business ideas for women in Dubai. People are highly active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest these days. Many companies are ready to pay for the management of their social media accounts.

Social media management is one of the highly profitable remote business ideas for women entrepreneurs in Dubai. All they need is to be active on trends, passion for social media, a knack for designing creative posts, and a little technical knowledge of the platform. Knowledge can be easily acquired through online certification courses offered by so many organizations. 

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6. Food Blogging

Food Blogging is an amazing option for food lovers and housewives. They can enjoy exploring and experimenting with new recipes and start recording them for others to try out. There are so many food bloggers that can be followed for learning new recipes and inspiration. All you need is a passion for cooking and a phone with a good camera. And you are all set to start your own food blog. 

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7. Bakery

A bakery is, without a doubt, one of the most profitable businesses. Over the years, a lot of women have started baking cakes and types of pastries at their homes. They can bake and directly sell their products through social media platforms too.

All they need is necessary food items, basic tools for baking, and microwave or an oven. Or they can start a retail bakery store to sell freshly baked products like bread and cakes. Another way is to start a large-scale bakery unit and sell products through retailers. You will need proper planning and equipment if you go for the last option. 

8. Art and Craft Classes

Women can learn about specific arts and craft activities like painting, origami, plaster of Paris, pottery, glass painting, gift decoration, etc. Creativity, zeal to be innovative, and expertise in any field of arts and crafts are all that are needed to start your art classes.

This business can be easily operated from a home. The classes can be conducted online. With very little investment, this can be a very creative, joyous, and profitable business. 

9. Online Teaching

Online teaching has become very popular over the last 3 years. People have started taking online classes remotely. All they need is a computer/laptop and a good internet connection. It is considered to be one of the most trending education business ideas today.

The demand is fairly high too. Any individual who loves teaching can start this venture in two ways. Either by registering or partnering with an online tutoring organization or building her own online teaching business.

10. Customized Digital Printing

The digital printing market is growing at a very rapid pace each day. People who have an eye for design can consider setting up a digital printing business in Dubai. Depending on the preferences, they can work with visiting cards, brochures, labels, stickers, or even T-shirts and mugs. This process uses liquid ink or toner and a digital printer to print unique designs on the materials you’re working on.

11. E-commerce Business

The eCommerce sector is growing worldwide. Dubai also offers ample opportunities for budding entrepreneurs in this sector. An eCommerce business can be considered as one of the most modern and flourishing business ideas for women entrepreneurs in Dubai. Over the years, women have contributed significantly to this sector.

It allows them to balance their life along with their career. They can start the business from the comfort of their home. All they need is a good understanding of how to run an online business and operate eCommerce platforms. Also, a digital system and a good internet connection is a must.

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12. Beauty Salon

Whether you’re a professionally trained beautician or simply interested in starting your own beauty parlor, this can be a rewarding business. It’s a steady and profitable business and can easily be operated from home.

All you need is the right skills, a few prominent pieces of equipment, beauty products, and supplies plus a room for setting it up. These services are high in demand among ladies and it won’t fail you to start earning profits in a very short time.

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13. Interior Decor Store

Opening an interior decor store in Dubai is another of great business idea for ladies in Dubai. Recently, interior decor has become a new trend with modern urbanization and minimalistic designs. There is always a demand for trending home decor elements.

To have a successful retail store in this niche you need to offer a range of uniquely selected home design pieces. Start by curating one-of-a-kind interior design elements for your customers which give a distinct personality to their homes. Sounds exciting? Step into this field to monetize endless opportunities of owning an interior decor store.

14. Gift Shop

Almost everyone visits gift shops once in a while. Whether it’s to buy birthday presents, wedding gifts, on festive occasions, or other celebration trends. This underrated small-scale business can be started immediately, as there is no need for personalized products. A variety of gift items can simply be purchased and then sold with customized packaging. Packing is the most important here as that is what sells. 

15. Florist

Starting a floral business is among a few low-budget yet highly profitable business ideas of ladies in Dubai. Even this business can be established at home. The cost of starting and running this business is also not very high.

If the person has the knowledge, skills, and love for flowers, it’s one of the easiest and simplest businesses to run. Doing a little market research and deciding which flowers to sell, dried or fresh is important. 

16. Tiffin Service

A huge population working from 9 to 5 demands fresh home-cooked food daily for lunch. It is not possible for them to prepare it for themselves on a daily basis. Besides that, they cannot always eat fast food. Neither it is healthy nor affordable. Women living in an area with extensive business activity can offer tiffin service to corporate offices.

They can offer their service on a monthly contract basis or one on one to different individuals. Many such businesses already exist, but with increasing business activities in the country, there’s still a high demand for tiffin services.

17. DayCare

There are many couples who work for a living and while they’re away, they need someone to take care of their children. A daycare center can solve their problem. They can leave their kids there and pick them up later in the evening.

Starting a daycare is one of the best low-investment business ideas for women who love engaging with children. While taking care of the children, they educate them and involve them in playful learning activities.

18. Recruiting Agency

The demand for skilled labor is rising rapidly in Dubai. As the economy continues to grow, a skilled workforce is an essential requirement for almost all industries. Each year, many people set up businesses in Dubai. Many times, these startups face challenges in hiring people with the right skills for their business.

The country also faces a shortage of professionals in fields like medicine, IT, engineering, accounts and finance, and construction. This gap is usually filled by ex-pats. So, there is a high demand for recruiting agencies in the market, making this one of the most profitable business ideas for women entrepreneurs in Dubai.

Women with their own recruiting agencies can solve a major problem for these businesses. They can connect skilled job candidates from various countries to these small businesses in Dubai

19. Personal Chef

Dubai is a city with an uber-rich population. People are always looking for prime services like having their own personal chef. There are many health-conscious people too, who generally like to keep personal chefs. For those who have exceptional cooking skills, this is one of the easy-to-start and highly profitable business opportunities.

20. Wedding Consultancy

Dubai is famous for its glitz and glamour, ultra-modern architecture, dazzling nightlife, and towering skyscrapers which makes it a preferred destination wedding location. With destination weddings in trend, a wedding consultancy business in Dubai can do exceptionally well.

You can start one of your own if you enjoy being a part of weddings and have a knack for planning such huge events. You can start by acquiring basic knowledge, an intern under a few established wedding planners, and then starting your own wedding consultancy.

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